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Mima as she appears in Mystic Square



Oldest version

Barai & Harudi's version (2010)

Newest version

RicePigeon's second version (2017)


Touhou Project

Mima is an evil spirit from Touhou Project, making her first appearance as the Hell Route's stage 10 boss in Highly Responsive to Prayers, and later as the final boss of Story of Eastern Wonderland. She became a playable character in Phantasmagoria of Dim. Dream and Mystic Square, the latter of which would be her last known appearance in the series.

Mima claims to want revenge against the entire human race, but it's not known what her motivations for that are. During the events of Highly Responsive to Prayers, Mima encounters Reimu Hakurei near a hokora shrine and is sealed in the shrine by Reimu. In Story of Eastern Wonderland, Mima breaks free of this seal and takes in Marisa Kirisame as her apprentice. Swearing revenge on the human race, and wanting the power of Reimu's yin-yang orbs for herself, she encounters Reimu again, only to meet the same fate as last time. She eventually breaks free again a month later, and takes up residence near the Hakurei shrine so that she can tease Reimu.

In M.U.G.E.N, Mima was first created by Barai & Harudi. These sprites were later used in RicePigeon and Seravy's versions.

RicePigeon's first versionSeizureicon


The infamous evil spirit Mima is back for revenge once again. As a spirit, Mima takes flight to bring the fight to the air. Though Mima cannot block while airborne, with an arsenal of ranged attacks, hitting Mima out of the air is a task easier said than done.


RicePigeon's second version


RicePigeon's Mima finally returns after a long period of absence to show the rest of Gensokyo how dangerous a veteran villain can really be, and while she was forced to abandon some of her old tools in order to gain access to THGR, Mima still retains her trademark ability of being able to enter flight mode on demand and freely navigate a stage's airspace; additionally, she kept custody of her signature goal scoring spellcard: the deadly Twilight Spark.

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