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Miku Lounge
Miku Lounge
Hatsune Miku VS Kagamine Rin









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Miku Lounge is a stage created by Dissidia and was released on July 1st, 2011. It is stored on Dissidia's website.

This stage, just like Miku City, is heavily themed around VOCALOID singing synthesizer Hatsune Miku. The stage takes place inside a nightclub lounge in the middle of the dance floor. Surrounding the dance floor include several animated lights and colourful coloums with lights. When you enter the stage for the first time, a fan picture of Hatsune Miku will appear on the screen for a short period and will disappear unless you quit the stage and re-enter it again

The main feature on this stage are several monitors around the stage, mainly in the middle and sides of the stage. Each monitor shows many different fan-made pictures and videos of Hatsune Miku thought the stage staying on each for a period of time. Another unique feature is that when you start the stage, everything will start dark part from the dance floor and the players, eventually the lights reveal the rest of the stage and start off the monitors. As well as this, there is a unique front layer which happen after the lights turn on which shows music bars moving to the beat of the music.

Background music

This music used is Loid Rave, originally made by J Fletch feat. Hatsune Miku and edited by Dissidia.



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