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Mike Wazowski
MU Mike Passive-1-
Artwork from Disney Infinity


Felipe Sepulveda


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Monsters, Inc.

Michael Wazowski is the deuteragonist from the Disney/Pixar film, Monsters Inc. He is a short, green, one-eyed monster, resembling more of a stereotypical alien. He is also friends with Sulley, the main protagonist of the movie. He reappears in the much later produced prequel Monsters University, which showed his life when he became a colledge student, in which he got expelled due to him entering the human world without permission.

In M.U.G.E.N, Mike has been made by Felipe Sepulveda. He also makes a cameo in one of Kang's win poses.



The overall quality of this character is barely worth mentioning at all; it lacks many attacks and required animations, and barely animates in the ones that are present. Like alerkina4's Greninja, the character is also a spriteswap of Winnie The Pooh with sprites of a very bad quality, with no shading, horrid proportions, and an overall off-model feel.


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