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Demitri Maximoff performs the move on Zero.

The Midnight Bliss is a Super Move that first appeared in the Darkstalkers series, where it was the signature move of Demitri Maximoff.

Performed with QCF Button-xyz2, the attack involves the performer moving forward posing romantically with a rose in their hand until they come into contact with the opponent, whereupon they transform the opponent into a more arousing variant of themselves, depending on gender; if the opponent the performer is facing is a male, the opponent will transform into a female variant of himself, whereas if the opponent is female, they will be outfitted more casual/seductive clothing. After the transformation, the performer proceeds to drain the opponent of their blood.

In M.U.G.E.N, the move is more commonly known for its compatibility state, which is pretty common with M.U.G.E.N creators. The move and its compatibility state have also been used by other characters such as DoodleBob.

Characters in M.U.G.E.N that can perform the "Midnight Bliss"

See also: Users of the Midnight Bliss

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