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Mickey Mouse
Mickey Mouse
Artwork of Mickey Mouse



Oldest version

DDR's version (2009)

Newest version

2580shota's version (2015)


Mickey Mouse

Mickey Mouse is an anthropomorphic mouse created by Walt Disney and Ub Iwerks in 1928, and is the current mascot for The Walt Disney Company.

Mickey was originally created to replace The Walt Disney Company's former mascot, Oswald the Rabbit, after Disney lost the rights to the character to Universal Studios. Mickey's first debut was in the 1928 black-and-white animated film, Steamboat Willie, and was voiced by Walt Disney himself up until his death in 1966. Originally mischievous and adventurous, he was rebranded to be more cheerful and pleasant, though aspects of his original personality began to return after the character was rebranded again in 2009.

In M.U.G.E.N, Mickey Mouse has been made by DDR, A.T and 2580shota; curiously, each version is based on a different incarnation of Mickey, and the three are completely different in terms of sprites and gameplay.

DDR's versionEditicon


This version of Mickey is based on the "The Sorcerer's Apprentice" segment of Fantasia and is one of the playable characters in DDR's full game, Saturday Mornin' Mayhem. His gameplay takes inspiration from Marvel vs. Capcom, like all of DDR's characters, and he has a selectable "Easy Mode" which simplifies the commands of Specials and Hypers, though he is quite unbalanced.


A.T's version


This particular version of Mickey is based on the game Mickey Mania and plays like said game, meaning his gameplay style is very unconventional, and he has only a few moves, including throwing marbles and jumping on the opponent. Although his gameplay is very limited and he does not have any comboability, his projectile attacks are very spammable to the point where they are easy infinites.


2580shota's version


This is a very strange character based on Mickey's first appearance in Steamboat Willie while also being a parody of Kantai Collection, with a limited but very bizarre moveset containing attacks such as a fullscreen attack and launching Takobue. While this character may be a blast of the past, he's quite weak and underpowered, with very sluggish moves, although his Super Armor prevents those attacks from being interupted.

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