Michael Joden
Michael Joden
Michael Joden's Portrait



Oldest version

Exclamation Question's version (2012)

Newest version

Exclamation Question's version (2012)


Top Fighter

Michael Joden was from a bootleg game for the Sega Genesis called Top Fighter 2000. His name is a misspelling of Michael Jordan, and he was designed after Lucky Glauber in terms of fighting style.

In M.U.G.E.N, Michael Joden has been made by Exclamation_Question".

Exclamation_Question's version


Before M.U.G.E.N ever existed, there was a little game known as Top Fighter 2000 MK VIII. That game contained several characters from different media, as well as the ever so glorious sight of Muhammad Ali falcon punching Michael Jordan. This version of one of Bugs Bunny's besties is a source accurate conversion from that game.



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