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Metools as they can be seen in Otoranger





AI Patch: Here


Mega Man

Metool is a character from the Mega Man Series; he and the rest of his kind are known as the Mets, or Hard Hats, appearing in nearly every single game through out the series. They are tiny construction robots wearing a disproportionately-sized hard hat with a "plus" sign marked on it.

An AI Patch by Ironcommando has been released here. This AI Patch makes Metool extremely cheap, allowing it to spam attacks, guard at the right moment, and perform its instant-death move once it obtains 3 bars of power.



In MUGEN, Metool's gameplay is very simplistic, with simple commands and simple combos with an ultimate move. Metool has a perfect guard to circumvent his weak defense stat, allowing him to block most attacks with ease. Additionally, being a short character with a small hitbox, many attacks simply fly over Metool's head.

However, Metool comes with flaws. His attack strength is half that of a normal character's. As mentioned above, he has a poor defense stat as well when he is not guarding. Metool is also slow and cannot run or jump back, unlike most characters, making it difficult to initiate or fall back. Due to the Giant Metool move some people consider him a cheap character.


Key D = Down

F = Right

B = Left

U = Up

QCB = Quarter turn backwards

QCF = Quarter turn forward

P = Punch

K = Kick

Hyper Attacks

Bullet - QCFx2, K


Somersault Flash Kick - QCFx2, P


Metool Stampede - B, F, D, P


Metool Robot Armor - F, D, U, P


Giant Metool - D, D, D, P (One Hit KO)



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