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Metal Slug Train
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Metal Slug

The Metal Slug Train Bonus Game is a Bonus Game character inspired in the Metal Slug series for the Neo Geo game system, specifically the scene in Metal Slug 2 (and X) in which you enter the underground and have to trash some wagons rush at you before they crush you. The main goal is the same to Metal Slug 2 version, but with no weapons part from whatever your current character is able to do, also you have to do this fast or you'll end crushed against the wall and will receive no points. As in Metal Slug, the train looks more and more wrecked the more you hit it, and this is the only way to know how close you are to destroy it, since its life bar doesn't show anything.

When you start the level, the train will start at Level 1. If you manage to destroy it, you'll advance to Level 2, with a tougher train and a bigger bonus if you win. Score depends on time (the lower, the better) and Level (the higher, the better), so it's important to win the first round so you'll earn more points in the second.

Since the train is a bonus game character, it is better for this character to be controlled only by CPU.

Also, there is a stage included with the character, which is the one to be used when facing the Bonus Game. The Bonus Game has been specifically designed to be used in conjunction with this stage and you shouldn't use any other, as it has the exact measurements to make the Bonus work perfectly.