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Meta Knight
MetaKnight SSB4
Artwork from Super Smash Bros. for Nintendo 3DS and Wii U




Claymizer's Meta Knight
Xardion's Meta Knight
ouchi's Meta Knight
S. Nara's Version



Meta Knight is one of the many different characters in the Kirby universe. He has played both protagonistic and antagonistic roles throughout the series, though most of his antagonism is actually to test Kirby.

Meta Knight is skilled in the art of swordsmanship, thus making him a formidable opponent. He has appeared in many Kirby games as a boss of which Kirby must defeat, but on certain occasions will aid Kirby in his quests. He never deliberately shows his face, instead masking it, though when defeated in battle, his mask generally falls off, revealing that he looks like a blue Kirby. Meta Knight also has a ship called the Halberd.

In M.U.G.E.N, Meta Knight has been created various times by different authors. Most versions use sprites from the Kirby games, though Claymizer's Meta Knight uses custom ones.

Claymizer's Meta KnightEdit


Claymizer's Meta Knight plays similarly to his Kirby character, in that his low height allows him to avoid most standing and aerial attacks, he utilises all six attack buttons, and that he is rather combo-heavy, while still dealing a higher-than-average amount of damage. A common problem with this, and all of Claymizer's other characters, is the lack of a dizzy animation, or at least, a lack of collision hitboxes during said animation, meaning characters with some form of Fatality cannot execute it. Meta Knight can rack up some high combos while on the ground, but is at his best during aerial combat due to his multiple air jumps. This Meta Knight's sounds are from Super Smash Bros. Brawl.


  • Life: 1000
  • Attack: 100
  • Power: 3000
  • Defence: 100


OHKO Hold on! This movelist contains moves which may or may not list all corresponding move properties. Please help us rectify this.

Hovering the mouse cursor over the icons will display a more direct activation method akin to how the move activations are coded; this is what the following key/legend represents.


D = Down

F = Right

B = Left

U = Up

DF = Down-right

DB = Down-left

UF = Up-right

UB = Up-left

a/b/c = Kick

x/y/z = Punch

s = Taunt

Icons encased in square brackets [ Button-D ] mean for the respective button(s) to be held down.


Name Command Input Properties
Sword Beam QCF Button-Punch Proj

Clay Sword BeamClay Sword Beam Proj

Name Command Input Properties
Dimensional Cape QCB Button-Kick

Clay Dimensional Cape

Name Command Input Properties
Mach Tornado QCB Button-Punch Airok

Clay Mach Tornado

Name Command Input Properties
Sword Knight Button-MK+Button-MP

Clay AssistanceClay Sword Knight

Name Command Input Properties
Blade Knight Button-LK+Button-LP

Clay AssistanceClay Blade Knight


Name Command Input Properties
Triple Sword Beam QCF Button-2xPunch Proj
Uses 1000 power

Clay Triple Sword BeamClay Sword Beam Proj

Name Command Input Properties
The Halberd QCB Button-2xKick Proj
Uses 3000 power

Clay Halberd

Name Command Input Properties
Galaxia Darkness QCB Button-2xPunch CommandGrab
Uses 1000 power

Clay Galaxia Darkness

Xardion's Meta KnightEdit

It uses Super Star Ultra sprites and has most of the attacks from Claymizer's version. Unfortunately, it seems to cause a error upon starting.

Ouchi's Meta KnightEdit

He uses Super Star sprites and may be based on another style of gameplay. He uses most attacks that he had during his boss battle, and can summon his Meta Crew. He also has very good A.I.


Trivia Edit

  • Clay Sword Storm

    The unused Sword Storm animation.

    There is an unused move in Claymizer's Meta Knight called Sword Storm, which (as the name suggests, as well as Claymizer stating it himself) is based on his Sonic's Foot Storm attack. It is unknown why this move wasn't used, but its animation and coding are all present.
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