Meta Crystal
Captain Falcon encounters Stone Mario on Super Smash Bros.    - Meta Crystal -




Luneth's Effusus

Meta Crystal (also known as Metal Mario's Stage and Metal Cavern) is a stage from the original Super Smash Bros; it is where players fight against Metal Mario in the game's 1P Mode, taking place before the battles against the Fighting Polygon Team and ultimately, Master Hand. Fighting takes place on a suspended platform in a metallic cave-like area that has large crystals in the background, with the lower level flooring being made entirely out of metal and the platform above it comprised of a cuboid object surrounded by grating. Meta Crystal is most likely based on the Cavern of the Metal Cap side level from Super Mario 64, where a large green switch could be pressed to activate the green Metal Cap blocks found throughout the game.

In M.U.G.E.N, Meta Crystal has been made once by Luneth; it is very similar in appearance to the Meta Crystal stage from the original Super Smash Bros. for the Nintendo 64, with the only difference being that fighters battle on a separate platform rather than the main stage.

Luneth's version

Super Smash Bros.    - Meta Crystal -
'Metal Mario' from Super Smash Bros.





Super Jump




Luneth's Meta Crystal presumably uses assets of its original counterpart from the first Super Smash Bros. game, though the stage itself has been relegated to the near background because Luneth could not express it properly with M.U.G.E.N[1], with combatants instead doing battle on a flat surface in front of the original stage that uses Meta Crystal's metal floor graphics. The stage doesn't contain many additional features outside of the main attraction, though it does have animated elements in the individual triangle faces on the crystals changing colour intermittently, which emulates the crystalline shine effect seen in the source game; additionally, it has a small grate in the foreground on the right side that, while not an overly major obstruction, has the potential to obscure smaller fighters and certain attacks. Meta Crystal is of average size in both width and height, which leaves more than enough headroom for characters with a Super Jump to perform one without needing to concern themselves with hitting the ceiling; however, a possible oversight with the horizontal boundaries means that characters can go a small way off-screen should they back themselves into a stage wall.



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