Meme Stars
Title screen


Omega Angry Noah 2



Meme Stars is a screenpack that is based on the MLG montage parody sub-genre of YouTube. The sub-genre originates from the gameplay highlight reels showcased by major e-sports organisation Major League Gaming, or more accurately, the videos of YouTubers who tried to replicate this editing style with limited success. Such parodies often over-emphasise the content by featuring flashing lights, excessively loud dubstep background music and sound effects, profanities, various "dank" memes and video captions.

In M.U.G.E.N, Meme Stars has been made by Omega Angry Noah 2; the screenpack comes bundled with a selection of characters with their names altered to fit the theme of the screenpack, as well as four stages, one of which is incomplete.


  • This screenpack borrows elements from other screenpacks such as BrokenMUGEN.


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