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Meg Griffin
185px-Meg Griffin
Meg Griffin


Shazzo & KingStar


Shazzo's Verison
KingStar's Version


Family Guy

Meg Griffin is a character from Family Guy.

Meg is a self-conscious teenage girl. Her insecurities cause her to desperately try to be part of the cool crowd, but this only results in her getting coldly rebuffed by Connie D'Amico, a popular, attractive and egotistical cheerleader. However, another student named Neil Goldman is attracted to her but Meg hates him. She is also usually at the bottom of the family's pecking order and the butt of Peter's jokes due to her homeliness, tendency toward social awkwardness and lack of popularity. Everyone in her family, especially Peter and Chris, makes fun of her in every possible way they can, although on several occasions the family's true love for her has been proven. She has been so self-conscious and insecure about herself that she has engaged in dangerous sexual behavior just for attention. She is also prone to violent releases of her repressed rage, as shown in "Road to Rupert" by assaulting a man who insulted her after a fender-bender.

She was made for Mugen by Shazzo. Like other Shazzo's characters, she is a Spriteswap of one of Actarus' Characters.

Shazzo's VersionEdit


Shazzo's Meg is a spriteswap of Actarus's CVS Axel, with six buttons and the same moves. Her sprites are poorly ripped from American Dad Vs Family Guy Kung Fu 2.


  • Life: 1500
  • Power: 3000
  • Attack: 200
  • Defence: 200


Hovering the mouse cursor over the icons will display a more direct activation method akin to how the move activations are coded; this is what the following key/legend represents.


D = Down

F = Right

B = Left

U = Up

DF = Down-right

DB = Down-left

UF = Up-right

UB = Up-left

a/b/c = Kick

x/y/z = Punch

s = Taunt

Icons encased in square brackets [ Button-D ] mean for the respective button(s) to be held down.


Name Command Input Properties
Electric Shot QCF Button-Punch Proj



Name Command Input Properties
Quad Electric Shot QCF QCF Button-Punch Proj
uses 1000 power

Name Command Input Properties
Rapid Combo QCF QCF Button-Kick uses 1000 power


Palette GalleryEdit

KingStar's VersionEdit


This version of Meg has bad palette issues and a slow walking speed.


  • Life: 1000
  • Power: 3000
  • Attack: 100
  • Defence: 100


This character does not have any Special or Hyper Attacks.


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