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Mecharoid Soldier
Mecharoid Soldier's standing pose




Ironcommando's site



Mecharoid Soldier is an original character with the appearance of a green robotic soldier; according to the creator, Mecharoid Soldier comes from a flash game he created.

In M.U.G.E.N, Mecharoid Soldier has been created by Ironcommando.


Unlike most of Ironcommando's characters, Mecharoid Soldier is not a cheap character, in fact, it is an underpowered character with only 250 Life (but 200 Defense). The character's only attack is its Bullet shot where it shots around 5 bullets at the opponent. Mecharoid Soldier also has two Hypers, one being a rocket launcher which can deal rather high damage, and a Suicide Truck which instantly K.O.s the opponent, though it can be blocked.

Despite its apparent underpowered qualities, Mecharoid Soldier can be pretty useful at some times, sometimes having an easier time beating slightly overpowered characters like Dancing Banana and sometimes even cheap characters like Evil Kung Fu Man as a result of his standard attack being highly spammable.

Mecharoid Soldier's A.I. is extremely weak, providing next to no challenge.


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