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Mecha-Spaghettio is a boss character created by fhqwhgads7 which is themed around a fan-made boss in IWBTFG (I Wanna Be The Fangame). The character itself is a giant robotic version of the circular orange circle projectiles from the Metroid series games known as Rinkas. The character, being a boss character, has a unique style of fighting as well as a certain technique needed to defeat Mecha-Spaghettio. This character also comes with his own music replacing the set stage music.


When you battle the boss, he will shoot Rinkas through 4 Ring Beam Units which hide underneath moving panels which expose the Ring Beam Units for a short period of time. When one of the Ring Beam Units are destroyed, the Mecha-Spaghettio will begin to spin slowly in a clockwise motion. As each Ring Beam Unit is destroyed, the Mecha-Spaghettio will spin faster and faster, also he will start using more powerfull attacks such as fireballs which deal more damage than the Rinka's.

After all four Ring Beam Units are destroyed, the Mecha-Spaghettio will start to malfunction and spin very fast in a anticlockwise motion before an explosion occurs reveling a hidden control booth with a character similar to The Kid controlling the whole character and now becomes the target for the rest of the match.

During this stage, all the Ring Beam Units have been fixed and can not be destroyed, also the units will also fire the fireballs at random. As Mecha-Spaghettio takes more damage, the ring will start to spin faster in a clockwise motion until all its health is gone destroying the whole thing.

One note that should be taken into account is that everytime Mecha-Spaghettio wins, his health will automatically go back to full health.



B = Left

F = Right


A/B/X/Y = Ring Beam Units


A/B/X/Y, C = Three mini-bullets


A/B/X/Y, Z = Super Spaghettio Bullet


Z = Flare Bullet



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