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Mauru is a character from Waku Waku 7. His official nickname is "The Forest General" and he represents the green Waku Waku ball. His bio indicates that he is probably a male. The creature's story surrounds its enchounter with a little girl it found while walking in the forest. The girl is lost, and is looking for her parents. The girl took a liking to him and named him Mauru.

In M.U.G.E.N, Mauru has been made by Inverse.



Mauru plays well like its original counter-part, in that he relies mostly on his power and reach. His normal moves have good range, although his moves are rather slow. His super punch has good range and power, but start-up and cool-off time is noticeable. His BunBun Copter attack is quick but does not have much vertical range, making it a better close-up move than an anti-air move. Marurun's Dangerous Move, however, has less start-up time than the Dangerous Moves of the other playable characters, but is still rather slow and easy to neutralize.

Inverse did make a few changes in terms of gameplay. The weak version of his somersault kick has less start-up, but more cool-off time, while the strong version is the opposite: More start-up, less cool-off. Marurun also comes with four strikers: Bonus Kun, Slash, Dandy J, and Tesse. One of Marurun's win-poses also contains the entire cast of WakuWaku7.

Mauru has some pretty tough AI when it actually kicks in, but it usually doesn't. However, in AI mode, it likes to use it's sliding claw a lot, as well as his somersault kicks. He can be a pretty brutal opponent for beginner fighting game players.

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