Marx KSA
Artwork from Kirby Star Allies




MaruGao's version
C12cristian12's version
Markiplier soundpack



Marx is the main antagonist as well as the final boss of Milky Way Wishes in Kirby Super Star and its remake, Kirby Super Star Ultra. He originally appears as a small jester, somewhat resembling Mirror Kirby, balancing on a multicolored ball who asks Kirby to help him end a quarrel between the sun and moon. He also bears a somewhat minor resemblance to Noddy. Kirby listens to his plea and does as he says, unaware of Marx's ulterior motives. Marx then turns up just in time to send into motion the final part of his devious plan, and reveals that he was manipulating Kirby all along to gain power.

Upon gaining power, Marx becomes a strong, bat-like entity with flashing, multicolored "scales" on his recently-acquired wings, and endless power. After Kirby defeats Marx, he flies out of control and crashes right into Nova, causing the great machine to blow up. Marx turns up much later in the Kirby Super Star Ultra sub-game The True Arena in a zombified form known as Marx Soul.

In M.U.G.E.N, Marx has been made by MaruGao, whose version was in turn edited by C12cristian. MaruGao's version is controlled solely by the A.I., while C12cristian12's edit removes the A.I.-only functions, allowing it to be played as by the player, though it also removes a few of its moves and makes it less powerful.



Marx's appearance is based out of his boss fight in Kirby Super Star. He's a boss character meaning that he doesn't behave like a normal fighter would and instead flies around to get through his way. Marx is rather tricky, that he utilities cutting winds, popping out from the ground when he teleports at times, splitting himself with a black hole, and throwing down cactus that raises up.

His weak point is its head, though the opponent will still take damage if its collision hitboxes come into contact with it, even if they're attacking. The most effective way of damaging Marx is with projectiles. Despite this, Marx has a significantly high damage output and with his teleportation and range poses him as a threat, although characters with a strong A.I or ranged might be able to take care of him easily.


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