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Orochi using Marukare against Kung Fu Man

Original command input

QCF QCF Button-xyz

First user



The King of Fighters

The Marukare (also known as the Churning Chaos) is a Hyper Attack that first appeared in The King of Fighters '97. It was the signature move of Orochi, and arguably the first Screen Filler Hyper Attack in the history of fighting games.

Executed using QCF QCF Button-xyz in all of Orochi's playable incarnations (QCB QCB Button-xyz in The King of Fighters '97's unplayable version), Orochi raises its arms to the sky and calls down a radiant light that hits the full screen for 8 hits. The attack was fairly devastating in Orochi's original incarnation in The King of Fighters '97 as the final boss, but in later versions the damage was toned down significantly.

Because the attack provides an easily available screen spanning sprite, many character creators have used the Marukare as a base for the creation of their own characters' screen-filler moves.

Characters in M.U.G.E.N who use the Marukare or a variant

  • Orochi
  • Orochi Chris (Transforms into Orochi for their Sanagi wo Yaburi, Chouwamau Hyper)
  • God Orochi and edits
  • Kyo Clone-10
  • Nameless One
  • Gustab Munchausen (uses sprite during Reversal of Light)
  • Unknown (Eternal Fighter Zero) (12p Mode, Hanma's version only)
  • Evil Dooby Dummy
  • NES Mariwo (Does 21 hits on average, but not very damaging)