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Hoe2's version
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Toma's version
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Touhou Project

Marisa Kirisame is a human magician from Touhou Project and is one of the most important sub-characters of the series (according to series producer ZUN). She made her first appearance in Story of Eastern Wonderland as Mima's subordinate, and has been a playable character alongside Reimu Hakurei ever since.

Her personality is sometimes described as disagreeable, but in some other titles, straightforward. Either way, she is a very self-confident person that likes to stick her nose into every trouble out of curiosity. She has a compulsive tendency to "borrow" things (which has led to multiple heated confrontations between her and Patchouli Knowledge). Her magic is amplified with a device she carries around known as the Mini-Hakkero. Marisa is also known for copying other characters' spellcards and improving them to suit her tastes, the most notable example being Yuuka Kazami's Master Spark, which serves as the basis for Marisa's Final Spark and Dragon Meteor spellcards.

In M.U.G.E.N, Marisa Kirisame has been made various times by a variety of authors.

Kohaku's versionSeizureicon


Compared to other typical Touhou Project characters, Kohaku's take on the human magician relies less on projectile spam than most would think. It opts for custom gameplay not inspired by any of the series' fighting games. It still has moves that are 100% Marisa, though.


MLiconRicePigeon's versionSeizureicon


"It ain't magic if it ain't flashy!" This Marisa is anything but ordinary, don't let the movelist take you offguard into thinking Marisa is just an ordinary "shotoclone". With the Three-tiered embellishment magic, this version combines Marisa's best aspects from Scarlet Weather Rhapsody and Hopeless Masquerade into one small package.



See also

  • Mimi-chan - An intercontinental ballistic missile gifted to Marisa by Yumemi Okazaki in Phantasmagoria of Dim.Dream
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