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Artwork from Super Mario 3D World




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Evil Mario Edit
Andersonkenya1's Clone Mario
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Jermboy27's Tanooki Mario
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Mario11766's Shadow Mario
Mario11766's Baby Mario
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Rapthemonkey9's Shadow Mario
SC1614's KOF Mario
Tylor's Super Mario Edit
Gold Mario Ver2.9
Will Of Prison Flame
Maaarioooo!!!! (Pass: M)
Tanicfan22's SMB2 Mario
LuigiTheYoshi11's FireMario
SPM Mario
Mikura's Mario
Karter's version
Pigto Mario
The Mario Plushie
LuigiTheYoshi's SilverMario
LTY's Mario Clones
Crimson Eye
Brutal Mario
Atomic SuperMario


Super Mario

Mario (originally known as Jumpman in the arcade game Donkey Kong) is the titular main protagonist of the Super Mario video game series, as well as the company mascot of Nintendo. He made his first appearance as the protagonist and playable character of the 1981 arcade and nes game Donkey Kong.

In the Mario Games, he can usually use Luigi as his partner and ends up saving Princess Peach by defeating the King of Koopas named Bowser, his arch nemesis.

In M.U.G.E.N, Mario has been made by many various creators.

Hanyou's SuperMario64Edit

Super Mario 64

This version of Mario was created by Hanyou. He is based mostly on his appearance in Super Mario 64, hence the title. His sprites appear to have been made with screenshots from a straight emulation of the game. His attacks all come from Super Mario 64 and various other Nintendo 64 titles. Strangely Kung Fu Man is mentioned in his CNS file which may indicate he is a poor edit. He has a glitch where using his dive attack right after the tornado will make him stand on the air, which his AI pulls often and usually does not make an attempt to go back down.

SuperMario64 has worked up quite a reputation of being one of the cheapest characters of all time for many reasons. There are numerous flaws in his design, which range from minor details such as his relatively small size, making it harder to hit him, to major flaws, such as the ridiculous power behind his various attacks. SuperMario64's projectiles are very potent and can easily lock an enemy into a blocking or hitstun position when spammed. He also possesses various helpers, which include the Piranha Plant, Penguin, Captain Falcon, Luigi, Banjo-Kazooie and Link; each of them cost very little to summon and deal potent amounts of damage. Even worse than this are his supers, which can do tons of damage. And to top things off, Captain Falcon is the only helper that goes away when hit by the opponent, while the others are immune to attacks. Two of his supers are very notable, which will be covered in the following paragraphs.

SuperMario64's first notorious super is his Mario Kart 64, which transforms him into the Mario Kart 64 version of himself. He then proceeds to drive over his foe, with the rest of the racers from Mario Kart 64 following him in three-second intervals; this makes it one of the longest attacks in M.U.G.E.N history(Yoshi's attack is unblockable). Regardless if one of the racers is hit or the attack successfully finishes, Mario will appear hanging on Diddy Kong's airplane and will crash into the ground. The last portion of this attack is unblockable and deals about an eighth to a quarter of a normal character's HP.

SuperMario64's second notorious super is his Caught by the Tail technique, where he spins Bowser around by the tail. The attack is unavoidable due to it taking up the entire screen in length and can shred half of any normal character's HP in one use. Worse yet, due to the alignment of its collision boundaries, it hits the opponent more times (and deals more damage) if they block.

Finally, the main reason why SuperMario64 is considered to be one of the cheapest characters of all time is because of his AI. The flawed engine allows him to spam every one of his attacks without delay or reliance on the super bar whatsoever. This allows him to summon a ton of assists that cover up the screen very quickly, drain the time counter (if not set to infinite) with his long Mario Kart technique, kite his enemies infinitely with his overpowered projectiles, or just K.O. them outright with two Caught by the Tail executions. This makes it extremely hard to beat SuperMario64, even with another cheap character or a character who is immune to projectiles, such as Motaro or the ghost form of Super Mario, all because of the Caught by the Tail move.


Hovering the mouse cursor over the icons will display a more direct activation method akin to how the move activations are coded; this is what the following key/legend represents.


D = Down

F = Right

B = Left

U = Up

DF = Down-right

DB = Down-left

UF = Up-right

UB = Up-left

a/b/c = Kick

x/y/z = Punch

s = Taunt

Icons encased in square brackets [ Button-D ] mean for the respective button(s) to be held down.


Name Command Input Properties
Coin Throw QCF Button-LP Proj

SM64 CoinThrowCSoin

Name Command Input Properties
Bomb Throw QCF Button-MP Proj

SM64 BombThrowSM64 Bomb

Name Command Input Properties
Marioryuken DP Button-Punch

SM64 marioryuken

Name Command Input Properties
Mario Tornado Button-F Button-F Button-Punch

SM64 tornadoattack

Name Command Input Properties
Baby Penguin QCB Button-LP

SM64 PenguinThrowSM64 Penguin

Name Command Input Properties
Piranha Plant QCB Button-MP

SM64 PlantThrowSM64 Plant

Name Command Input Properties
Banjo and Kazoie Button-LP+Button-LK

SM64 AssistSM64 BanjoAttack

Name Command Input Properties
Assist Young Link Button-MP+Button-MK

SM64 AssistSM64 LinkAttack

Name Command Input Properties
Assist Luigi Button-HP+Button-HK

SM64 AssistSM64 LuigiAttack


OHKO Hold on! This movelist contains moves which may or may not list all corresponding move properties. Please help us rectify this.

Name Command Input Properties
Assist Captain Falcon QCF QCF Button-LK

SM64 AssistSM64 CapitanFalconAttack

Name Command Input Properties
Mario Kart QCF QCF Button-MK Cptr


Name Command Input Properties
Metal Mario QCF QCF Button-HK

SM64 MetalMario

Name Command Input Properties
Wing Cap QCB QCB Button-HK

Name Command Input Properties
Caught By the Tail QCB QCB Button-HP


Name Command Input Properties
Assist Bowser QCF QCF Button-HP

SM64 BowserAttack

Stickman14's SuperMario64 EditEdit

Due to his A.I. being extremely cheap and overpowered, Stickman14 made an edit of SuperMario64 with balanced A.I (although his helpers are still overpowered), different jumping sprites, and weaker attacks. It also adds two more color palettes (one based on Luigi, and the other being inverted colors although they do not fully color Mario's sprites). He can also do a Shun Goku Satsu and summon two characters at a time. He also chooses to constantly summon Captain Falcon at any time.

ShinRyoga & Neo Ankh's Super MarioEdit


ShinRyoga and Neo Ankh's Super Mario is arguably the most well known Mario character in M.U.G.E.N. This Mario is designed to pull off numerous combos which can do quite a lot of damage and lock down the enemy. His moves are very simple to execute and are diversified in function. To make up for this, however, even EX special moves cost a power bar and his super moves cost his entire energy. Additionally, approaches are difficult because before Super Mario's first power bar, his attacks are mostly close-ranged and weak. This makes Super Mario easy to pick up and play but hard, if not impossible, to master.

This character is often criticized for having an AI that is nearly flawless and can gain power in no time at all. A common misconception by newer players is that Super Mario is a cheap character. More experienced players, however, have found ways to play around his brutal AI.

This version of Mario is notable for its three special forms selectable when picking the palette for Mario. These three forms are Matrix Mario, Ghost Mario and Stone Mario. These three versions change Mario's fighting style, giving him advantages and disadvantages for every form.

Matrix MarioEdit


Button-Start+Button-LP or Button-LK

This version shows Mario in black with a green matrix-like aura that follows him whenever he moves. The main benefits you gain from this form of Mario is that he can perform combos much more faster allowing you to gain more hit combo attacks double then what he could do normally. This style is useful for players who need to get more of a lock down on enemies. However the downsides is that he cannot do as much damage meaning you would need to hit your opponent more to get the same amount of damage as normal, he cannot grab his opponent and he cannot use EX specials. He also has two new intros and a nice wall jumping tactic for combo players. Matrix Mario can only use Super Flame as hyper.

Ghost MarioEdit


Button-Start+Button-MP or Button-MK

This version shows the spirit version of Mario shown as a white transparent ghost. The major benefit of this Mario is that you are invincible and can't receive any damage from your opponent. It also gives you a full power bar allowing you to use a hyper from the start and the ability to teleport around the stage. However, this ability comes with a big cost; your health will start to drop until it is all gone, meaning that you have to battle your opponent fast. This version of Mario is not suitable for long battles or enemies with large amounts of health. Sometimes, it is even impossible for Ghost Mario to win fairly because of the amount of time he has to stay alive, or the health of the opponent. Ghost Mario can use the 3 hypers.

Stone MarioEdit


Button-Start+Button-HP or Button-HK

This version is a stone version of Mario. This version of Mario is based on him wearing the Tanooki Suit thus giving him the ability to turn into a statue which can protect him and when changing back to Stone Mario can deal massive damage to opponents near by. The main advantage of Stone Mario is that he can deal more damage but at the cost of moving around more slowly and his fireballs stay in one place thus at a disadvantage against fast opponents (but can send one who go front if pressing QCF Button-HP in air). If a deduction of speed is of no concern for the player, this would be a good style for them. Stone Mario cannot use any of the 3 hypers.


  • Life: 1000
  • Power: 3000
  • Attack: 100 (65 in Matrix Mario)
  • Defence: 100


Hovering the mouse cursor over the icons will display a more direct activation method akin to how the move activations are coded; this is what the following key/legend represents.


D = Down

F = Right

B = Left

U = Up

DF = Down-right

DB = Down-left

UF = Up-right

UB = Up-left

a/b/c = Kick

x/y/z = Punch

s = Taunt

Icons encased in square brackets [ Button-D ] mean for the respective button(s) to be held down.


Name Command Input Properties
Fireball QCF Button-Punch
QCF Button-2xPunch
Proj Airok
EX Version uses 1000 power


Name Command Input Properties
Tornado Spin QCB Button-Punch
QCB Button-2xPunch
EX Version uses 1000 power


Name Command Input Properties
Coin Punch DP Button-Punch
DP Button-2xPunch
EX Version uses 1000 power


Name Command Input Properties
Coin Punch Counter RQCB Button-HP Counter
While guarding
Uses 2000 power


Name Command Input Properties
Air Glide Button-F Button-F
Button-B Button-B Button-F
EX Version uses 1000 power
Not usable in Stone Mario mode

Mario Glide

Name Command Input Properties
Butt Stomp Button-D Button-HK
Button-D Button-2xKick
EX Version uses 1000 power

Butt StompButt Stomp2

Name Command Input Properties
Teleport Button-D Button-D Button-D Ghost Mario mode only


Name Command Input Properties
Statue Blast Button-D Button-D Button-D Press Button-U, Button-Punch , or Button-Kick for explosion.
Requires 1000 power.
Stone Mario mode only

Name Command Input Properties
Time Freeze Button-D Button-D Button-D Requires 3000 power and low life
Uses 1000 power
Matrix Mario mode only


OHKO Hold on! This movelist contains moves which may or may not list all corresponding move properties. Please help us rectify this.

Name Command Input Properties
Super Star QCF QCF Button-LK Becomes Invincible for limited time after use
Uses 3000 power
Not usable in Matrix Mario and Stone Mario mode


Name Command Input Properties
Super Hammer QCF QCF Button-MK InvincibleKnockdown
Uses 3000 power
Not usable in Stone Mario mode


Name Command Input Properties
Super Flame QCF QCF Button-HK Invincible
Uses 3000 power
Not usable in Stone Mario mode


Orochihomer's Super Mario EditEdit

This edit by Orochihomer is almost identical to the original Super Mario characters, other than a few minor changes including the addition of a move that represents Mario's Final Smash in Super Smash Bros. Brawl.

SM853's Super Mario EditEdit


This edit of Super Mario, by SM853, has more moves based on Super Smash Bros Brawl. For example, this Mario has all of his Brawl costumes, can use a reflector cape, a new intro against Luigi, and, like Orochihomer's edit, his Super Flame super is replaced with his Final Smash. He also has MvC styled backgrounds, and has some of his classic soundclips. However, it only has a few of his Brawl sounds and other voices of him from SM64 and Mario Kart 64. His supers can now be performed by simply pressing D, DF, F, a/b/c. He had a new taunt, but SM853 deleted it because the new taunt had glitches.


Name Command Input Properties
Dodge Button-D Button-Punch


Name Command Input Properties
Reflector Cape QCB Button-LK Airok


Name Command Input Properties
Super Headstomp QCB Button-MK

Name Command Input Properties
Hammer Swing QCB Button-HK Airok



Name Command Input Properties
Super Star QCF Button-LK Invincible

Name Command Input Properties
Super Hammer QCF Button-MK

Name Command Input Properties
Mario Finale QCF Button-HK Airok

Mario Finale

TGY's Mario EditEdit


This Mario uses SM853's sprites and palates. Allthough he added some extra sprites and uses some very good coding. However his Matrix, Stone, and Ghost palates won't do anything, his Brutal A.I. was also cut, and he's styled to be like how P.O.T.S. would make his chracters.

Pingurules' Super Edit! MarioEdit

This edit of Super Mario by Pingurules gives it a special intro against Super Wario, which is made by FrancoIIIOliquino. He also made him compatible with some more chars for the special intro. They are Evil Ryu, Evil Ken and Evil Dan. Dark Chun-li was not added, because she was already in the list. He also made Super Edit! Luigi and Super Edit! Wario.(Also known as  Super Mario, Super Luigi, and Super Wario.)

Tanicfan22's Mario Edits and CreationsEdit


Tanicfan22 has made an edit to Mario. He added some effects (frozen and burned), SF3 Hitsparks, making the Super Hammer stop faster (in order so that the opponent doesn't fall down), adding new portraits, adding a original palette and a NES palette (although they need some more work). He also has created a silly voicepack for him. The latest version has a new soundpack and palette as well as a Power charge move.

Tanicfan22 has also made a Symbiote edit of Mario, which is named Symbiote Pocket Mario. He is both a sprite and palette edit of Mario. Tanicfan22 also made 2 Marios, one is from SMB1 and the other is from SMB3. They are not good. The SMB3 version can be downloaded at Tanicfan22's site on download section and is an edit of Sugio's Luigi and is somewhat cheap, and its taunt freezes M.U.G.E.N. Tanicfan22 also made Symbiote Pocket Mario, Kart Mario, Mario from Super Mario World from the NES pirate and Luigi Clones.

Gameplay (Symbiote Pocket Mario)Edit


  • Life: 1500
  • Power: 8000
  • Attack: 100
  • Defence: 200

teeno312's Symbiote Super Mario EditEdit


teeno312 also made a edit to Mario, making him symbiote. This gives him increased jump height and strength. Symbiote Super Mario is much like Shadow/Cosmic Mario.

There is another similar Mario edit, named Symbiote Pocket Mario. This version is created by Tanicfan22.

mumin's Super Mario EditEdit

A Japanese author known as mumin made four versions of Mario using ShinRyoga's sprites. These four edits are very cheap as they can easily defeat known cheap characters, such as Rare Akuma, A-Bomb, or Omega Tom Hanks. His characters are Eternal Second Runner-up(Despite being a edit of Luigi), Mario-of-Anger,WopfT and Will of Prison Flame,and it should be noted that Mario-of-Anger CAN defeat Chuck Norris in his golden pallete by using his Super Hammer.

Unknown Author's Fire Mario EditEdit

This edited version of Mario is called Fire Mario, but it's made by an unknown author. This version has Meldrak's dos2win converter. There is also a Fire Luigi.

Cristian Ciomic's Fire Mario EditEdit

Cristian Ciomic's Fire Mario is an edit of Unknown Author's Fire Mario (Originally by ShinRyoga). Added new palettes named Fire Luigi, NES Mario (Which came from Tanicfan22's edit) and old style Fire Mario, added win quotes, edited data (such as life, power, attack and defence), edited run/walk speed, edited number of air jumps allowed. This also makes him hard to take down.

mugendd2007's Evil Mario EditEdit

There are Evil versions of ShinRyoga and NeoAnkh's Mario, including mugendd2007's Evil Mario. This version has different spark effects, and has palette edits of Super Mario. This version is unavailable for download.

Unknown Author's Evil Mario EditEdit


This Evil Mario version is made by an unknown author, but it may have been CazaZach, or a friend of his, according to the readme. It has glitched-up sprites.

CazaZach's Mario EditsEdit

CazaZach made 3 Mario versions, Mecha Mario, Epic Face Mario, and Troll Face Mario. Mecha Mario is an edit of ShinRyoga and NeoAnkh's version, and the download link is unavailable.

LuigiTheYoshi11's Fire MarioEdit

This Fire Mario is a cheap edit with colors based off Super Mario All-Stars.

Andersonkenya1's Super Mario Clones EditEdit

This edited version of Mario by Andersonkenya1 can spawn clones of Mario. He also edited Luigi.

LuigiTheYoshi11's Super Mario Clones EditEdit

LTY11 Had also made some Mario Clones. These Clones come in other sizes, and the clones are edited out of SM853's edit.

Patches of ShinRyoga and Neo Ankh's Super MarioEdit

There are AI patches for Super Mario by other authors, including Baby Bonnie Hood's balanced Super Mario patch. This patch has fixed animations, toned down AI, fixed bugs, and tones down the power on super/hypers. This version is more MvC styled than SSB styled.

N64Mario's Mario CreationsEdit

Pocket MarioEdit

Pocket Mario

A pocket sized Super Smash Bros. Mario created by N64Mario.

His moveset is comprised of his attacks in Super Smash Bros. for the N64, as well as his voice clips having been ripped from various N64 Mario titles as well. The graphics are based on those seen on Pocket Fighter, hence NGPC. His name implies his size; pocket-sized, indicating he's hard to hit and he has many opportunities to connect with a deadly combo. Recommended for battles against characters with relatively hard A.I.

Metal MarioEdit


Same as SSB Pocket Mario, but with more attack power and defence power. It's also made by N64Mario.

Old School MarioEdit

Main Article: Old School Mario


Another Mario clone but this time it is from the Interplay version of Mario teaches Typing. This character is very annoying and tricky to beat, because each time he gets hit, he will die, and come back.

Ax's MarioEdit

Suave Dude Icon This section is currently incomplete. Please help us rectify this.


This version of Mario is a sprite edit of Warner's Luigi. It has mediocre gameplay and below average coding, as he can chain infinites easily and can trap the player in corners very easily. He is supposed to be a mix of various Mario games, and uses many powerups from the series as attacks, including becoming Metal Mario for blocking. 


Hovering the mouse cursor over the icons will display a more direct activation method akin to how the move activations are coded; this is what the following key/legend represents.


D = Down

F = Right

B = Left

U = Up

DF = Down-right

DB = Down-left

UF = Up-right

UB = Up-left

a/b/c = Kick

x/y/z = Punch

s = Taunt

Icons encased in square brackets [ Button-D ] mean for the respective button(s) to be held down.


Name Command Input Properties


Name Command Input Properties
Koopa Shell

Name Command Input Properties
Slide Silde


Name Command Input Properties

Thomas Hisei's NES Mario (SMB1)Edit

NES Mario

This Mario is the NES version of Mario, created by Thomas Hisei. Mario from the NES is primitive, but he carries a lot of nostalgic value. NES Mario controls like the NES version Mario, however, this means his only attack is stomping on his opponents, making him basic, however, this can make him cheap when used by the player. If he is hit, he turns small, and the only way to make him big again is by pressing any button, other than the one that makes him jump; if he is hit while small, he instantly dies.

Basara-kun's NES Mario (SMB1)Edit


This version of Mario by Basara-kun, is much bigger than Thomas Hisei's version. This NES Mario can do some attacks from Super Mario Bros., such as his coin punch that knocks coins out of the opponent, but also appears to use moves based off Mario's Super Smash Bros. moveset.

Unlike most Mugen characters this NES Mario cannot do basic attacks such as punching and kicking instead he relies on his special moves.

otto's NES Mario (SMB1)Edit


In this version by otto, Mario is in his smaller form. This Mario is made for the SMB1 Level 1-1 Stage meaning he can only jump on his foes.


otto also made another Mario version, named Satuzinki NES Mario. This Mario is a cheap version and will summon a bunch of Mario clones to attack the player.

Leo-22-M's Rare Mario (SMB1)Edit


Another version of Mario (SMB1) is Rare Mario Bros, made by Leo-22-M. A lot bigger than Thomas Hisei's version, this version of Mario is rumored to be cheap, but it just has bloated stats, and funny attacks such as Kamehamahas, Spin Kicks, Teleportation, Shorokens, and farting. But fortunately, its AI just sit there and charges up its power, but it will barely attack you. It's a little awkward to control, due to the fact it has really light gravity.

Stryfe's NES Mario (SMB1)Edit


Inspired by the stage Mushroom_Kingdom_1-1, Stryfe decided to make a NES Mario version from SMB1, similar to Thomas Hisei's version.

tmtm's NES Mario (SMB1)Edit


This smaller form of Mario, named High Speed Mario, is made by tmtm. This Mario can be really cheap, but in return, can get K.O.d in one hit. It can also shoot clones of itself, hurt people by running into them, and oddly enough, throw green Buhhdas that can instantly KO the opponent.

tomoki's NES Mario (SMB1)Edit


This NES Mario is made by tomoki. He only has fireballs as attacks.

mituba's NES Mario voiced by Syuzo (SMB1)Edit


This NES Mario made by mituba is voiced by Syuzo Matsuoka. It is an NES Mario spriteswap meaning he can only jump and dies in one hit.

nesmario123's Mario CreationsEdit

Chibi MarioEdit

Main article: Chibi Mario
This Mario is somewhat tiny and is very simple, who only has all basics and a fireball.

Toy MarioEdit

This version of Mario is created by nesmario123. In this version, Mario's movements are robotic, and he is really small. There is also a Toy Luigi. He only has one attack as well.

Kung Fu Mario (SMB1)Edit

Another version of Mario from SMB1. Created by nesmario123, Mario sometimes appear as Kung Fu Man and Ken, which gives Mario the name Kung Fu Mario. He is also a spriteswap of him.

Kart Fighter MarioEdit

Main article: Kart Mario


Mario also appeared in a NES pirate named Kart Fighter. There are three Mario versions made from Kart Fighter, one by nesmario123, one by Exclamation_Question and one by Tanicfan22.

ZenonPivot's Kung Fu MarioEdit


A Mario based off of Kung Fu Man, having moves identical to that of Kung Fu Man. This Mario is created by ZenonPivot. He is looked down due to him being a poorly drawn spriteswap of Kung Fu Man, as well as a shared opinion of the sprites not even resembling said character. Kung Fu Mario also has an evil version, which is tinted green and has outlandishly high stats.

Dingybird2012's Edits and CreationsEdit

Symbiote Kung Fu Mario EditEdit


Dingybird2012 made a symbiote version of ZenonPivot's Kung Fu Mario. It is overpowered, like the other Symbiotes.

SNES Mario (Super Mario All-Stars)Edit


This Mario version made by Dingybird2012 has sprites from the SMB3 game in Super Mario All-Stars. It uses the Infamous SMVC EOH Template by Infinity Mugen Team. But it is still a beta and its supers barely do any damage. He also has Spiderman hurt sprites.

Jermboy27's Tanooki Mario (SMB3)Edit


This version of Mario made by Jermboy27 is wearing the Tanooki Suit from SMB3. It can be like a plan character as he can jump, duck, and fly, but is glitchy and poorly made, though. There may also be another version, but, just with the tail.

Tako and Higure's Mario CreationsEdit

SMA4Mario (SMB3Adv)Edit


Another version of Super Mario from SMB3 Advance is made by Tako and Higure. It has strange moves and a KO voice that is from Dio Brando. But it's better than their other bad creations. He only has one super, and one special. 6tails6 is now making a improved version.

Donkeymario (Mario vs. Donkey Kong NES)Edit


Made by Tako, this version of Mario named Donkeymario, is based out of Donkey Kong, an arcade game which was ported over to the NES. It also has strange attacks and is missing sprites. There is also a edit of Donkeymario named Jumpman.

Mario (Mario & Luigi: Super Star Saga)Edit


Tako also made a Mario from Mario & Luigi: Super Star Saga. It might be better than their other creations because it actually functions, but sometimes out of place sprites. Also, it has 3 different movesets activated by the Start button, a SSB-themed mode, a SNES-themed mode, and a Wing Cap-themed mode that can restore his life.

Nimaime's Famicom Warriors 2 Mario (Mario vs. Donkey Kong)Edit


This Mario is part of the Famicom Warriors team made by Nimaime. This Mario can only jump on and hammer his opponents.

Shazzo's Mario CreationsEdit

Mario (Mario & Luigi: Super Star Saga)Edit


Another version of Mario, from Mario & Luigi: Super Star Saga, is created by Shazzo. Shazzo also created Luigi from the same game, but they're not very good.

Paper MarioEdit


Shazzo made a Paper Mario, too. He is a Spriteswap of CvS Styled Axel Stone, by Actarus. Shazzo also made a Paper Luigi. Mario has bloated stats, unlike Luigi, which makes him cheap.

Bigshowoffall's EditEdit


Bigshowoffall edited Shazzo's Mario & Luigi :Superstar Saga Mario. He added moves from the Smash Bros. series.

mariotime's Mario (Mario & Luigi: Super Star Saga)Edit


This version of Mario, created by mariotime. has additional moves from SSB. mariotime also created Luigi from the same game with SSB moves minus the Final Smash.

Thunderbert's Mario (Mario & Luigi: Super Star Saga)Edit


Another Mario version has been created by Thunderbert. It has a brutal, Super Mario-esuqe AI that is able to pull heavy combos, even with its limited arsenal of attacks. It is also very small, making it difficult to hit. He is also Smash Bros. styled, but he has some new attacks that are most likely based off ones seen in many Mario flipnotes on Flipnote Hatena, such as a punch rush attack. When his health gets low, he can use a cheap beam hyper simlar to Mario Finale, but a huge beam version.

l-jumanji's Mario (Mario & Luigi: Super Star Saga)Edit


Another Mario version has been created by l-jumanji. This Mario crashes M.U.G.E.N when it is AI controlled. The download link is currently offline.

codys1993's Mario EditsEdit


codys1993's Mario is from Mario & Luigi: Bowser's Inside Story, an edit and spriteswap of Stickman14's Luigi. codys1993 also edited Stickman14's Luigi, as well as another edited version of Mario, an edit of Warner's Luigi (unavailable). This Mario will also repeatedly say "Lucky" when he blocks, attacks and gets hit, so he can be annoying.


Main article: Malleo


Malleo is a parodied version of Mario. He is the brother of Weegee, yet he is not as well known as Weegee. He has been made once by Freddery II aka Nexphext, and once by Yagoshi.

Freddery II's Mario (Super Mario Land)Edit


Freddery II created a version of Mario, featuring his graphics from Super Mario Land. it is a spriteswap of NES Mario meaning he can only jump on his foes.

Ermac Won's Mario CreationsEdit

Paper MarioEdit


This version of Paper Mario is made by Ermac Won, whose Paper Mario is larger and generally considered better than Shazzo's Paper Mario. A common problem is using him in MUGEN 1.0: In order to make him usable in the newest version, the version has to be changed from "06.14.2003" to "04.14.2002" which is located in this Mario's def file. He is MvC styled, and has a Shin mode, much like EMW's other creations. This Mario has 2 specials and two hypers, but in his Shin mode, gains a SGS. This Mario can be buggy, if you hit him too much during his giant hyper, Mugen will crash. He also sometimes glitches out upon being K.O.d and dashing backwards.

Pesky Plumber MarioEdit


Ermac Won also made another Mario, named Pesky Plumber Mario. It uses KFM as a base. He used his Smash KFUpper as Mario's hammer swing and Pesky Plumber Mario's other moves are based on Ryu, but he has orignal moves as well. Pingurules noticed that and decided to edit this character to replace Kung Fu Man's sprites with some blocking sprites of Mario. He will also make Pesky Plumber Luigi as an edit of Mario. Luigi will play like Ken. Yagoshi also made a silly sound pack for him.'s MarioEdit


Another version of Pesky Mario, but this version of Mario is a spriteswap of Shao Kahn and some sprites of him are still there. In fact, all of KoopaKingdom's characters are spriteswaps of various Mortal Kombat characters.

This Mario's gameplay is very buggy much like the Shao Kahn character he was swapped from. He will also get stuck while throwing someone and will jump alot even worse is that all of his attacks do more than twice than normal damage.

MUGENX's Mario (SMW)Edit


This Mario is from Super Mario World, which was created by A Japanese Author MUGENX. In this version, Mario is in his smaller form, but his sprite is a lot larger than usual. This version has moves based off of SSBB. However it can only face one direction unless it does a attack. As most of MUGENX's other characters do, if he hits you near the edge of the screen, you can actually "lose a life" (indicated by target icons near your character portrait). There are also other chars in this style such as Kirby, Samus, Link, and Yoshi.

Dr. M's Mario (SMW)Edit


One of the oldest versions of Mario, this one is from SMW and is made by Dr. M. In this version, Mario is in his taller form, also having his cape. It also has a unusual ability: being able to steer in midair during a jump, even after being knocked over, but this makes it hard to airblock though. He uses various SMW items and enemies as weapons, and can summon the Super Mario Kart crew.

Chaseallendiaz's Fighting Mario (SMW)Edit


This Mario is from SMW, created by Chaseallendiaz aka Dr. Your Mom. It is based of the flash video series, Power Star on YouTube. He is still a beta, and only has three specials and two supers. Chaseallendiaz also created Fighting Luigi.

Txpot's Mario CreationsEdit

Mario Combat Deluxe MarioEdit


This version of Mario is from a popular flash game called Mario Combat Deluxe. It is made by Txpot. This Mario has no CLSN boxes during his gethit animations, like in the source game and little to no AI action. It should be noted that when he dies, he explodes, like in the game.

Metal Mario (SSB)Edit


Another Mario clone, but this time its a Metal Mario rip from Super Smash Bros 64. Created by Txpot, Metal Mario cannot be knocked back and grabbed, making him almost like his source game.

B-F MarioEdit


Another Mario version done by Txpot. The sprites are from Bizzare-Fighter . This version only works in M.U.G.E.N 1.0. This Mario uses Yoshi and Toad as a shield. He also carries attacks from SMB 1, Mario Bros, Lost Levels, SMB3, SMW, Mario Golf, Dr. Mario, and Mario Kart. Compared to Txpot's other creations, though, he has very easy AI. Some of his basic CLSN's are also off, and one of his supers can very easily be escaped from. He does not have a Mario voice, but Jonthan Joestar's voice.

Plom5-1-00's Mario (SSBM)Edit

Ssbm Luigi

This version of Mario is a chibi character, but has moves based off of SSBM. This version is created by Plom5-1-00.

However it is very weak and most characters will beat it.

SNS's Mario (SSBB)Edit


This version of Mario contains stop-motion photography of graphics made in Super Smash Bros. Brawl. It is created by SNS, also responsible for creating SSBB Luigi, Wario, and Yoshi. These characters are best known for their abusive spam tactics, poor photography, inconsistent scale factor, lack of loyalty to original movesets, incorrect graphic usage, and 90% of their attacks being completely unblockable. He also may be a shotoclone, and also posses a flash kick. He also has very annoying grabs, which he will constantly spam.

S.Nara's Mario (SSBB)Edit


Another version of Mario from SSBB is made by S.Nara. This version is more poorly made than SNS's version, due to the fact that most sprites are oddly used, it is also very buggy as well.

GMSpectre's KOF Mario versionsEdit


GMSpectre made a Mario with a more realistic-looking appearance. This Mario is a sprite edit of Billy Kane, having a similar fighting style. He was made originally for his UFGE's KOF20XX fullgame (UFGE is another fighting game engine like MUGEN), but his sprites were open source and various creators convert him into MUGEN:

119way's MarioEdit

This Mario version is made by 119way, his attacks are very simlar to B-F Mario, as in using many powerups of the game.

SephirothX2004's MarioEdit

Another KOF Mario is made by SephirothX2004. This one has less attacks than the latter, but has different intros and different Mario voice clips.

SC1614's MarioEdit

There is another KOF Mario, and has only one super, being the worst out of all KOF Marios. It may be incomplete.

sc1614's Omega MarioEdit

Main article: Omega Mario

Omega Mario is an Omega form of Mario, that is an edit of Omega Tom Hanks, one of the first considered "cheap" characters for the game engine. In M.U.G.E.N, Omega Mario was created by SC1614 and Yagoshi.


  • Life: 9999
  • Power:100
  • Attack:100
  • Defence: 999


Hovering the mouse cursor over the icons will display a more direct activation method akin to how the move activations are coded; this is what the following key/legend represents.


D = Down

F = Right

B = Left

U = Up

DF = Down-right

DB = Down-left

UF = Up-right

UB = Up-left

a/b/c = Kick

x/y/z = Punch

s = Taunt

Icons encased in square brackets [ Button-D ] mean for the respective button(s) to be held down.

Dr. MarioEdit

Main article: Dr. Mario

Dr. Mario is an alter-ego of Mario. He was made as a character 4 times, once by Ivan Luiz, once by MarioPingasRobotnik, twice by Pingurules, and once by HyperNeko.

SuperMario193281's Mario CreationsEdit

SuperMario193281 is known for creating cheap characters, most of them as cheap and cheaper than Rare Akuma. SuperMario193281 has created the following Mario characters below.

Super Mario Kart (aka Mario in a Kart)

This Mario uses Super Mario Kart sprites, and can throw shells, bananas, go turbo, and use a star. He can't be grabbed, and his A.I. can be brutal by going invincble very quickly and untilizing his infinites. The lap start music from the orignal game plays when he starts a round, and the finish music from the game plays when he wins. He only has one sprite. He also has a lot of cheap palletes, making him almost impossible to beat with a normal character most of the time.

Neo Mario EX

Fire Mario EX

Strong NESmario

Strong SuperMario

Strong SuperMario64 (Edit of Hanyou's Mario)

Dynamic SuperMario


Ultimate Mario

Gold Mario

This Mario is a cheap edit by SuperMario193281. He has the ability to spawn and collect coins, regenerate his health and use overpowered attacks. His AI spams his Hammer and his Super Flame hypers at times. He contains a gold palette that cannot be viewed through a character maker. The more coins he collects, it causes background effects, such as huge stacks of coins, and Mario statues in the background in other rounds.

Super Mario 128

Hotel MarioEdit

Main Article: Hotel Mario


Hotel Mario is a version of Mario that has appeared in the infamous CD-i game "Hotel Mario". Hotel Mario has been parodied many times and has many lines used from cut-scenes from the game to make Youtube Poops. He has been made once by Gruntzilla94 (his version seen above) and once by Smeagol14.

jakobthecool867's Mario CreationsEdit

Paper MarioEdit


Another Paper Mario version is made by jakobthecool867. It is missing sprites and only has 2 attacks. It also can become partially invincible at times.

Referee MarioEdit


While Referee Mario only has two attacks, he cannot be hit through normal means due to him having absolutely no hitboxes on any of his animations, other than the red attack hitboxes for both of his attacks. His two attacks show him calling out "K.O." and "T.K.O.", with the former dealing 100 damage and the latter dealing 1000 damage, however, the former has three attacking frames, so it can actually deal a total of 300 damage.

Stats Edit

  • Life: 1000
  • Power: 3000
  • Attack: 100
  • Defence: 100


This character does not have any specials or supers.

Palette GalleryEdit

MK Mario (SMB2 GBA)Edit


This version of Mario has sprites from the SMB2 GBA game. It is a spriteswap of Kazmer13's Smoke and it still has sprites of Smoke. The author is unknown since the def file still says Kazmer13 but it's rumored to be made by Txpot.

Mario11766's Edits and CreationsEdit

Baby Mario (Yoshi Touch & Go)Edit


This Baby Mario is made by Mario11766. It uses Kung Fu Man as a base.

Mario & Luigi (SMB3 GBA)Edit


This version uses Mario and Luigi into one whole character. They can't separate or split up, the sprites came from SMB3 for GBA, but it is a spriteswap of Kung Fu Man. When they uses what appears to be Kung Fu Knee, they have a odd voice clip.

Shadow MarioEdit


This Mario is a edit of ShinRyoga's Super Mario with a palette to portray Shadow Mario from Super Mario Sunshine. His voice is from Mario Golf Toadstool tour. Unlike the other Mario edits, Shadow Mario can charge his power instead of gaining it normally. Some of his coding comes from SM853's edit.



This Mario is from the game Somari, a pirated version of the Sega Genesis game Sonic the Hedgehog. Mario11766 made 2 versions of Somari, one being a swap of Kung Fu Man, and the other being a swap of Sonic the Hedgehog.

Pichu's SomariEdit


Another Somari version is made by Pichu. This is a spriteswap of supermystery's Sonic.

NOTE: It may have a glitchy sprite (weird colours, weird yellow box around somari)

Moldredd's RarioEdit


Moldredd's Rario is a mix between Mario and Ryu, that originates from SCWU, having the appearance of Mario, and the fighting stance, voice sound, and movesets of Ryu, with a Mario theme (Hadokens are now fireballs, his Shrouken can spawn Mushrooms.). Rario is also known as Maryu. His Shinkuu spin kick wont always work, as the enemy always flies out. He also has a evil mode.

Tetsuo9999's NarioEdit


Tetsuo9999's Nario is a mix between Mario and Naruto. It's only in its beta stages, so some bugs may occur. He is Winmugen only.

Super MasaoEdit


This version of Mario, named Super Masao, is made by Kairi, who also made Super Kouji (Luigi). It has many attacks ranging from summoning various Mario like characters as strikers and can flood the screen with Pokémon. There is also an edit of Super Masao, a much cheaper version named Brave Masao by orz. This edit has many clones and is a F1 type character. There is also an MvC version available, that was made by Arcadaboy, but barely anything has been changed. He also posses a Road Roller Da! and has a spammy A.I.

WH2 MarioEdit

There is also another Mario made in M.U.G.E.N from the infamous NES pirate: World Heroes 2, But not much is known about it. According to Jango, it is avalible on his website, as with his stage, but his website is offline, meaning the character and stage are lost. He is a striker of Tanicfan22's Kart Mario.

Mikura's MarioEdit

This version seems to be a nude woman in 8-bit that uses Mario's colors, which means the character is actually not Mario. The character's file name is also "18-mario", suggesting it was from an adult Mario hack. It was rare until it was uploaded to 4shared. The download link is gone, but NodogonToontown uploaded a new link. It should be also noted if that this character loses, it turns into small Mario and it plays the "dead" theme.

LFG Mario FluddEdit

This Mario is based on his appearance in Super Mario Sunshine. It is a spriteswap of Referee Mario by jakobthecool, but actually has collision hitboxes (albeit only for his idle, walking and jump animations), six standing attacks and two crouch attacks.

Rapthemonkey9's Shadow MarioEdit


There was a Shadow Mario made by Rapthemonkey9. It uses the DC Template like his Jenny XJ9. It can be overpowered when it uses his super attack. It uses poorly edited MLSS sprites that are from "The Spriters Resource" and it has no walking or running animation.

KingPepe's NES MarioEdit

KingPepe made a better NES Mario. It's made for the Famicom Fighters project, but he can be downloaded.

Link to Famicom Fighters:

6tails6's Mario WIP'sEdit

6tails6 is currently working on a Super Smash Bros styled Mario, Mario from Mario vs DK, SMA4 Mario, and Fighting Mario, also a Flash Mario. They have still yet to be released.


6tails6 is making a Mario edit call Super Matrix Mario also a Super Matrix Luigi. It will be Matrix Mario from ShinRyoga and Neo Ankh Matrix Mario but will use the coding from SM853's Mario and Tanicfan22's Mario coding as well.


He is palette edit of SM853's Mario, but with Homer Simpson's voice. he also still has a Mario voice at times.

SMB2 MarioEdit

This Mario was made by Tanicfan22. He uses SMB2 sprites and Kung Fu Man as a base, can throw vegtables and fireballs. He has two hypers, one of which has bad CLSN's.


This Mario plays like other NES Marios, except his jump can instantly KO an opponent. He also can't seem to grow big to sustain another hit, meaning he gets KO'd in one hit.

Karter's MarioEdit

This Mario uses SSF2 sprites, and is almost completely accurate to how he was in SSBB. He can even trip randomly. He also has a fire mode palette, too. His custom Stamina meter covers up healthbars, though. When he wins, the victory screen from SSBB will appear. He is also compatible with Bane84's Kirby, and can function like him, too.


  • Ghost Mario can use Super Star, though it is unnecessary since he is already invincible in this form.
  • Mario is one of the most remade characters in M.U.G.E.N.
  • Ermac won's Pesky Plumber Mario still has Kung Fu Man sprites in it.
  • ShinRyoga´s Mario has a intro against himself, where they both punch Wario at the same time, causing him to fly away.
  • When ShinRyoga's Mario wins with his normal palette and that he still has 1000 life or over (the life can be increased in the Options menu), a pink aura emanates from him and a picture of him evil appears, which releates to his Arcade storyboard.
  • ShinRyoga's Mario (including any subsequent edits and Luigi) has a special intro against both versions of Aperson98's Donkey Kong. Orochihomer's and SM853's edits also use this against Homer Simson, but SM853 fixed his version so it doesn't have it.
  • SuperMario193281's Strong Super Mario edit can transform into SuperMario64 and use the Bowser Throw, and like Gold Mario its health can regenerate by using mushrooms that appear on stage (they can also KO the enemy player in one hit).
  • The hyper effect for Pesky Plumber Mario can sometimes reveal secrets in some backgrounds. (Such as Zitanas's SMB3 1-1 and SMB3 1-3 stages).
  • If Dr. Mario's SNES Mario (with cape) is grabbed by Dancing Banana, he will turn into MK SNES Bowser in a kart for some strange reason.
  • If some versions of Mario K.Os Yu-Toharu's characters, they will fall off the screen in a NES style sprite, like in Super Mario Bros. This also happens if Mario is your teamate, or with other Mario series characters, such as Luigi.
  • MUGENX's Mario is meant to be a Smash Bros character, but he can block like a normal character, by holding back.
  • Dr. Mario appears in one of Du Zhong Tian's hypers.
  • Kung Fu Mario appears as a striker for Primeus, where he Misogis the opponent.
  • Mario appears in one of Ella's intros.
  • Mario appears in one of Kamek's hypers, as he can be found in the Koopa Army hyper. He also has a special intro where they have dialouge with each other, as well with other Mario characters.
  • Mario appears as a striker for the joke version of Scott Pilgrim.
  • Mario appears in NES Bowser's intro. It should also be noted that this sprite is also used in Retarded Super Luigi.
  • Super Mario appears in one of Poo's intros. He can be seen during his hammer sprite while Poo switches to many differnt characters.
  • Aaron Roulette has a winpose that is a refernce to Super Mario, he also uses his spin grab.
  • Nico Nico Douga has a attack where she turns into Mario and kicks a shell.
  • Super Mario Kart can't be put into custom states, meaning grabs, some hyper combos, and some projectiles, such as Reptile's Force Ball, Scorpion's Spear or NGI's Ryu's Red Hadokens won't hurt him.


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