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Apelao's original Orochi based character "Manny"




Apelao's version
DarkDonald1's edit
Manny Another



Manny is an originally sprited character, but uses Epigon's characters as a base, usually looking similar to "Moraler." The creator of most of the Japanese Emoticon characters is Epigon, and each one has to copy another famous character's fighting style. Moraler = Rugal, Syobo-N = Gouki/Hisui, etc.

Manny is a parody of Orochi, somehow Apelao has copied the spriting style of Epigon, and used that to make a character that looks like it was made by Epigon, but we all know how Apelao's coding is, very, very cheap. He also has a similarity to Hastur, another one of Apelao's wacky creations, due to their similar moveset. Manny's appearance seems to be a golden, emoticon character. Which plays similar to God Orochi or Hastur.


Manny 1P Stance Manny

Being a parody of God Orochi, Manny sports many traits of an orochi edit also having the infamous 12th palette where he becomes very cheap allowing him to beat powerful cheap characters such as Death Star, Omega Tom Hanks and related characters.

Manny Another

Manny Another is an "upgraded" version of Manny EX, it empathizes the concept of "return stronger next round" on its 12th palette. Unlike the original Manny EX, this version is more refined and is defeatable.

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