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This article is about the character from Chrono Trigger. For other uses of Magus, see Magus (disambiguation).

Artwork from Chrono Trigger


Kyo Kusanagi

Oldest version

Kyo Kusanagi's version (2000)

Newest version

SilentProtagonist's version (2014)


Chrono Trigger

Magus is an antagonist from the game Chrono Trigger and the dark mage waging war against the Kingdom of Guardia in 600 A.D., although the player is given the option to recruit him at one point in the game.

Originally Janus, the young prince of Zeal in Antiquity, he was dragged into a dimensional vortex after his mother, Queen Zeal, activated the Mammon Machine, after which he ended up in the Middle Ages, where Ozzie raised him after discovering his magic powers, making him the leader of the Mystics' army. After being defeated for the first time in his lair, he was sent back to his own time, and eventually, the player is given the option to either fight him or have him join the party, but if the player chooses to fight him and defeats him, he disappears for the rest of the game. Magus is brooding, potent, gloomy, and indomitably ambitious, especially in regards to finding his sister, Schala, and is vengeful against Lavos.

In M.U.G.E.N, Magus has been made by Kyo Kusanagi, Raisu and SilentProtagonist; Kyo Kusanagi and SilentProtagonist's versions use sprites taken from the game while Raisu's version uses custom-made sprites.

Raisu's version


This version of the demon king uses custom sprites, albeit slightly miscolored, with a four-button gameplay sporting many attacks based on his source game, including two assists and several powerful Hypers, while also having some moves taken from "shoto" characters, although he is slightly underpowered because of his incredibily limited comboability, forcing him to rely on his Specials and Hypers to defeat his opponents.



  • Gato Z2, a character released on April Fools 2013, was originally released under the guise of Magus, with Magus' sprites being made by Balthazar; his intro would originally involve Magus appearing on the stage then getting crushed by Gato, and said intro has been commented out since, although it can be reinstated by removing the semicolons in the intro's coding.
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