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Ma Chao
Ma Chao
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Real Life / Romance of the Three Kingdoms

Ma Chao (born circa 176 - died circa 222) was a Chinese military general and warlord during the late Eastern Han dynasty and early Three Kingdoms period, who is most well known for his various acts of cruelty and leading an uprising against Emperor Xian. He is romanticized as a heroic warrior in the 14th century novel Romance of the Three Kingdoms.

Ma Chao is the eldest son of Ma Teng, a lord of the Liang Province who was later appointed to general under the Han imperial court, whom Ma Chao would later serve under. Suspecting that the warlord Cao Cao was plotting an attack against him, he formed an alliance with general Han Sui and formed a coalition army of 100,000 men, leading the attack at the Battle of Tong Pass in 211, but was defeated, forcing him to retreat West while seizing territory along the way. After the execution of his family under imperial decree, Ma Chao fled to the Hanzhong region, where he would serve under the sectarian rebel Zhang Lu and later Lui Bei; under Lui Bei's command, Ma Chao led the successful siege of Chengdu and the conquest of the entire Hanzhong region.

In M.U.G.E.N, Ma Chao has been made by General Chicken.


Ma Chao idle stance

His moveset consists of punches and turning Seaside, Slash, Shadowless kicks, and various energy projectiles. As with General Chicken's other characters , he often will use turning seaside kicks or other various kicks and take advantage of the player's or opponent's air juggle. With General Chicken's other characters, he also possesses an evasive manoeuvre.







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