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MUGEN 3 Galaxy is a screenpack created by H-Loader that was originally released for M.U.G.E.N 1.0, but was ported to WinMUGEN a year later to celebrate the release of the no-limit hack. Unlike other screenpacks made especially for M.U.G.E.N 1.0, H-Loader deliberately chose against making it HD as it would 'weigh too much'[1], instead opting for a standard 640x480 resolution. As the 1.0 version is incompatible with 1.1, a version compatible with 1.1 has been released by gui0007.

MUGEN 3 Galaxy is futuristic in appearance, featuring a primarily silver 'frame' aesthetic with bright, neon text colours for the menus and the player's team, with blue representing player 1 and green representing player 2; certain elements give the screenpack similarities to BrokenMUGEN in that they make the screenpack seem 'glitchy' or 'dysfunctional', which is particularly evident with the intermittent static over the menu text and custom character portraits, as well as the occasional bright flashes that occur on every menu and during round transitions.

1.0 version

This version is the original release of the MUGEN 3 Galaxy screenpack and is natively compatible with M.U.G.E.N 1.0, running at 640x480 resolution; the screenpack itself features a total of four different motifs split into two sets—one for custom portraits and the other for default portraits—with each set having two different roster sizes, labelled as 'Motif1', Motif2', Motif3' and 'Motif4', respectively. Due to the large amount of full-screen animations with high frame-counts, the screenpack may cause lag on older machines while navigating the menus, though such lag is not as prominent with the default portrait motifs.

WinMUGEN version

The WinMUGEN version is considerably cut-down from the original 1.0 version, running at 320x240 resolution and only featuring a single motif as opposed to four; this motif uses default portraits and has a roster size of 206 slots, which is bigger than the original's Motif3 roster, but smaller than its Motif4 roster. As a result of its smaller scale in comparison to the original, it is less likely to cause lag on older machines.

1.1 version

Gui0007's version is identical to the original 1.0 version, complete with the four motif choices, but is fully compatible with M.U.G.E.N 1.1.


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