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This article is about a method of creating combos in many fighting games. For other uses of Link, see Link (disambiguation).

Linking is a method of stringing two attacks together to create a combo. It should not be confused with Cancelling.

Unlike Cancels, which cancel the recovery frames of the previous attack's animation, linking requires the player to wait for the animation of the first move to finish before completing the input for the second move, which will hit the opponent while they are still in the hitstun of the first attack so that the linked moves will register as a combo. Linking is important as it allows for the creation of combos with a move that cannot cancel into the other. However, linking moves together usually requires a knowledge of both the Frame Advantage and Frame Data of each move, as well as strict timing in order to perform. Because of this, what moves can be linked together is strictly dependent on the character itself, and may differ from game to game if the character happens appears in more than one game.