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Ankokunaitou's version (2013)


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Li Kuugo (also known as Rei Kugo and Lei Kugo in other fan-translations of Live A Live) is a playable character in Live A Live, and one of the three possible successors of the Xin Shan Quan style of Kung Fu.

She is first encountered in a forest by the Xin Shan Quan Master, attempting to rob him of his money. She is promptly defeated by him and agrees to become his student to learn the Xin Shan Quan technique. If the player chooses to train her more than the other students, Li will survive the Kung Fu chapter and will be be playable in the final chapter of Live A Live.

In M.U.G.E.N, Li has been made by Ankokunaitou, under the name Rei-Kugo. The character uses elements from how Li performs in Live A Live, with a balanced amount of close-range and long-range attacks. It uses sprites from Live A Live.

Ankokunaitou's version

Anko Rei Idle

Despite being an unarmed martial artist, Rei-Kugo has no problems with attacking her opponent from afar with a variety of Specials and Hypers, all of which are activated with the use of a single button. The character isn't without her problems however, as Rei-Kugo is unable to combo efficiently.

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