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Ahuron's version (2010)


Chrono Trigger

Lavos is the main antagonist of Chrono Trigger, appearing as the game's final boss, as well as being the catalyst for the game's events.

Lavos first crash landed on Earth in the year 65,000,000 BC and dug far into the planet, whereupon it started to slowly drain the planet of its energy until briefly awakening in 12,000 BC, only to become dormant again until 1999 AD, where it causes the apocalypse and almost kills all life on the planet; Lavos then reproduces, presumably sending its offspring to other planets to repeat the cycle. While Lavos is ultimately defeated at the hands of Crono's party, one of Lavos's offspring manages to survive within the Darkness Beyond Time, where it merges with Magus's sister Schala to become the Dream Devourer, which ultimately matures into the Time Devourer, setting the stage for the events of Chrono Cross.

In M.U.G.E.N, Lavos has been made by Ahuron, which depicts the character in its final form: the Lavos Core. It uses attacks directly inspired from Chrono Trigger, as well as using the original sprites from said game.

Ahuron's version

AhuronLavosCoreIdle2 AhuronLavosCoreIdle1 AhuronLavosCoreIdle2

Intended to be somewhat of a boss character, Lavos Core attempts to imitate the fighting pattern and moveset he has in the source game, complete with unblockable and highly damaging attacks that hardly give an opponent a chance to fight back, alongside a massive 6000 Life. Placing this character in one's roster will ensure that the future will refuse to change.

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