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This article is about the original Kung Fu Man. For his evil counterpart, go here. For his arch-nemesis and enemy, go here.

Kung Fu Man
Kung Fu Fanart
Unofficial artwork of Kung Fu Man



Oldest version

Elecbyte's first version (1999)

Newest version

Elecbyte's fourth version (2009)



Kung Fu Man (often abbreviated to KFM) is the very first M.U.G.E.N character ever made and comes pre-installed with all versions of the M.U.G.E.N engine when downloaded from Elecbyte's website.

Kung Fu Man's story begins with himself and his girlfriend going for a walk. Sometime during this walk, they are ambushed by Suave Dude and his minions; of course, Kung Fu Man fends off Suave Dude's minions, though while he is preoccupied, Suave Dude captures Kung Fu Man's girlfriend and retreats back to his secret hideout. In order to get his girlfriend back, Kung Fu Man sets off for Suave Dude's hideout, letting nothing stand in his way (other than the fact that Elecbyte has yet to make the Suave Dude character).

In M.U.G.E.N, Kung Fu Man has been made four times by Elecbyte, the creators of M.U.G.E.N. All four versions are fundamentally the same, using simple attacks based around Chinese martial arts and presumably original sound effects; each version highlights some of the new features of an engine version that weren't present in previous versions, such as the third and fourth versions using localcoord, a feature introduced in M.U.G.E.N 1.0. Due to its nature as a template, many edits of Kung Fu Man exist that change its gameplay, moveset and/or even its name.



Kung Fu Man and his girlfriend were going for a walk...
When they were attacked by the evil Suave Dude and his minions !!
While Kung Fu Man was busy fighting off the minions,
Suave Dude captured his girlfriend !!
Determined to rescue his girlfriend, Kung Fu Man now sets off for Suave Dude's secret mountain temple hideout...


Having defeated his evil clone, Kung Fu Man is ready to beat Suave Dude and rescue his girlfriend.
But wait !! We haven't made the Suave Dude character yet !!
Don't cry, Kung Fu Man. Maybe you'll get a chance next time...

Elecbyte's first version


The first iteration of this timeless character, this Kung Fu Man came bundled with the last version of DOS M.U.G.E.N. Everything about this character is original, including its sprites and sound effects. A true relic to behold.


Elecbyte's second versionEditicon


Probably the Kung Fu Man many are used to, this one came bundled with WinMUGEN. Quite considerably different from the original version, this includes a much larger moveset and sets the example for all newer iterations to come. Unfortunately, there's no real A.I. and despite its moveset, it lacks any real combo ability.


MLiconElecbyte's third version


An update to the second version. Comes bundled with M.U.G.E.N 1.0, and uses many of the new features present in said engine version, as well as a new move, but still lacks any form of challenging A.I.


Elecbyte's fourth version


Near-identical to the third version in all ways, this iteration makes use of the localcoord tag to downscale its newer, much larger sprites. Looks somewhat creepy though.


Theme of Kung Fu Man

A special theme song for Kung Fu Man was created by WizzyWhipItWonderful. The music was done in a Marvel vs Capcom-esque style.

CPS2 Originals - Kung Fu Man03:24

CPS2 Originals - Kung Fu Man

See also

  • Suave Dude - Kung Fu Man's arch-nemesis
  • Evil Kung Fu Man - An evil clone of Kung Fu Man created by Suave Dude, supposedly defeated at the end of Kung Fu Man's Arcade mode story
  • Kung Fu Girl - A female variant of Kung Fu Man with her own powers and attacks
  • Kung Fu Man's Girlfriend - A non-playable character that briefly appears during Kung Fu Man's Arcade intro

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