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Kula Edits Web
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Kula Clones

The Kula Edits Web is a site that contains all the Kula Clones who exists. It features a database with links (if available) regarding every Kula edit to date, as well as news about them.

Currently, it is divided in four sections:

  • Available Edits: Contains links to every Kula edit available.
  • Unavailable Edits: Contains a list of several WIP's, the edits that the site hasn't found yet and screens of private edits.
  • Kula's Collection: Contains a list of all "Kula Diamond" (the character herself) versions made for MUGEN.
  • Stages Collection: Contains links to different "Kula Diamond" inspired stages.

Additionally, the site has a Facebook page and a Twitter account, where everything about the news of the site is posted.


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