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Kraidgief's Lair
Stages 4
The Kid vs The Kid









Super Jump




Kraidgief's Lair is a stage created by fhqwhgads7 which is themed around the 2D platform indie game I Wanna Be The Guy.

The stage itself is set within the entrance of the cave towards Kraidgief and his battle stage. Unlike normal M.U.G.E.N stages, this stage is much shorter than the standard stage being about 1/4 of the usual stage length is making this stage have lots of short distance battles.

As well as this there is a lot of front layer through out the stage made up of several columns of dirt with spikes on the top as well as a large front layer column ceiling at the top half of the stage. These layers however do give a disadvantage to small characters as they will be covered and unable to see where they are and where they are attacking giving them a disadvantage. As well as this there is also a disadvantage to players going against A.I. controlled small characters as the human players will not know where they are giving their opponent an advantage.


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