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Artwork from Metroid: Zero Mission




Endoedgar Creations*



Kraid is a recurring boss character from the Metroid series, having made appearances in the original Metroid and its remake, Metroid: Zero Mission, as well as Super Metroid. Kraid is the first major boss in all games he has appeared in, though his size and subsequently his bossfight is significantly different between those games, requiring Samus Aran to employ a different strategy in order to defeat him each time. Kraid was originally supposed to make an appearance in Metroid Prime as a boss in the Phazon Mines area, but was ultimately scrapped from the final game.

Kraid is an enormously fat lizard-like creature with a long tail and spiked appendages protruding from his stomach region, which he can weaponise by firing as projectiles towards anyone who intrudes upon his lair. Kraid is a highly ranked member of the Space Pirates, a race of crab-like humanoid creatures that constantly attempt to use Metroids as bio-weapons against the Galactic Federation.

In M.U.G.E.N, Kraid has been made by Endoedgar.

Endoedgar's version

Kraid is a character that has a mediocre A.I. and is designated to be a boss character. His attacks consist of projectiles that come from three orifices in his chest. He also uses his talons to cause additional damage.

1st part of the fight

Like in Super Metroid, Kraid appears after a certain amount of time. When he appears, attack his eyes until he roars in frustration. Then, attack his mouth. Continue doing this until he becomes yellow. When he's not being attacked for too long, Kraid will spit rocks. When he takes enough damage, he will rise from the ground and the 2nd part of the fight starts.

2nd part of the fight

Now Kraid is fully visible by jumping to the top of stage. Instead of spitting rocks, he will move around the stage while firing his talons and organic projectiles from the 3 holes in his belly. His weak spot is still the same, but now you must stand on one of his projectiles that will serve as platforms until they explode. Big characters will have less problems than small ones with low jump height. Repeat this until Kraid`s lifebar drops to 0.







  • If you're able to stay behind him, he may glitch up and his head will look in your direction, while his body will stay in place.


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