Full version of Koryu's portrait (originally from the Super Street Fighter II Intro)






Street Fighter II Hacks

Koryu (also labelled as Ryu - Koryu Edition) is a joke edit of Ryu made by N64Mario. This edit is based on the many bootleg hacks of Street Fighter II': Champion Edition, particularly Koryu Edition. Said hack had many ridiculous edits for Ryu and Ken, such as homing, slow travelling and controllable Hadokens, a fast full screen Tatsumaki that releases Hadokens from his feet, and most notably a Shoryuken that produces a barrage of Hadokens, just to name a few.

This char emulates many of those silly moves, including different variations of the Hadoken performed by single button presses, and inconsistent throws as in the original hack. Before each match, a message saying "Life is too short to be little" appears, which is also taken from the Koryu hack.



Koryu is very fast and easy to use, plus he can win easily against normal characters by spamming his Specials (something the AI will constantly do), making him cheap. By pressing Start, he will pose by crossing his arms and looking to the side, like he does in one of his victory animations. While in this pose, he has no hitboxes, making him outright unable to be hit at all. Plus, pressing any button during this pose will make him "fire" a huge Hadoken that hits many times and fills the entire screen. This attack is just as easily spammable as his other Hadokens, which makes him even cheaper.

This character also has an odd easter egg of sorts; If the player holds left and spams Hadokens until they win, Koryu will keep attacking after the match ends, constantly alternating between high and low Hadokens. When this happens, an evil laugh is heard when the message "Koryu Wins" appears.


Name Command Input Properties
Fireball Button-xyz
Name Command Input Properties
High Fireballs [ Button-F ] Button-xyz
Name Command Input Properties
Low Fireballs [ Button-B ] Button-xyz
Name Command Input Properties
Rising Uppercut [ Button-U ] Button-xyz or
[ Button-D ] Button-xyz
Name Command Input Properties
Hurricane Kick Button-abc


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