Whatever Koishi does, Koishi does not think about. Playing as Koishi is unorthodox compared to most, as Koishi will only perform moves when Koishi subconsciously feels like it. It may take getting used to only being able to give Koishi automatic directives rather than on-demand commands, but someone who relies entirely on the subconscious can be quite unpredictable.

Koishi Komeiji (Koishi_RP)
Koishi RP-por
Character portrait




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Koishi Komeiji/RicePigeon's Version



Koishi Komeiji is technically a six-button character with the functionality of a standard three-button character, using the Button-xyz buttons for the vast majority of her moveset and the Button-abc buttons as shortcuts; (A)Button-a acts as a shortcut for the character's back and forward dashes when either Button-F or Button-B (respectively) is being held, (B)Button-b is used as a shortcut for the (Y)Button-y+(Z)Button-z input that's assigned to the character's throw, while (C)Button-c is used as a shortcut for the Button-xyz3 part of the command input that's used in the Level 3 Hypers. Koishi's back and forward dashes are somewhat unconventional by means of ending in an attack if the dashes are played out to their fullest durations, with the forward dash's attack causing wallbounce if it connects; additionally, Koishi's forward dash makes her completely intangible partway into it, allowing the character to phase through both an opponent's attacks and the opponent themselves. One of Koishi's mutually exclusive level 3 Hypers has to be chosen at the beginning of every match, with Brambly Rose Garden being an unblockable close- to mid-ranged attack that also serves as a powerful combo finisher, and Dream Sign "Ancestors are Watching You" being a three-use homing projectile Hyper that has each use being roughly as powerful as the character's level 1 Hypers.

Koishi's main gimmick, lifted straight from Hopeless Masquerade and Urban Legend in Limbo, is that a version of her (Z)Button-z Normals and any Special will be "stored" into her subconsciousness upon the command being input, though initial inputs of the directional versions of the (Z)Button-z Normals (barring the crouching version) and Catch & Rose will only store the move and not activate it, only manually activating upon a second input of the respective command; Koishi has two separate storage slots to store a single Normal and a single Special, with a stored Normal being indicated by a red ring that revolves around the character and a stored Special being indicated by a green ring. Storage of a particular Normal is shared between the ground and aerial versions of the same move, so the Button-D+(Z)Button-z (for example) can be stored while Koishi is on the ground for later use in the air and vice versa, the only exception to this being Button-B+(Z)Button-z, as the character does not have an aerial move that uses this command input. A move that has been stored will trigger automatically under certain criteria, similar to Koishi having an A.I. directive, however, she will forget whichever moves are in these slots should they not be activated after a certain period of time has past or if a move that has been stored is overwritten upon a different move being used, though using a different storable Normal will only overwrite the Normal storage spot and vice versa. With the exception of Catch & Rose, usage of Koishi's Specials will only store one particular variant of the Special, as using a different variant of the same Special will overwrite the variant that's currently stored in the Special storage slot; as for Catch & Rose, storing a particular variant of the move will only affect the outcome of the automatic attack, as using the attack manually will ignore the stored variant in favour of the manual input.

Owing to the character's storage mechanic, Koishi requires a fair bit of foresight and future planning to make effective use of the tools available to her, as an automatic attack going off at the right time can help with the character's comboing without having to worry about timing inputs precisely, due to the automatic attack always going off at the earliest possible moment, but an automatic attack going off at the wrong time can leave the character open to being punished or potentially disrupt a combo. Ironically, Koishi can use her stored attacks to play mind games with the opponent, as both the Button-F and Button-B versions of her (Z)Button-z Normals require the opponent to approach them differently, with the forwards version being a long ranged ground attack and the backwards version being an anti-air attack; furthermore, Koishi can mess with an opponents guarding by having, for example, an attack that needs to be blocked by crouching in storage and using attacks that need to be blocked while standing. Koishi's combos require a small degree of precision due to the fact that some of her moves are very specific as to what can be comboed into them, something that is not helped by having a (Y)Button-y that, while having infinite priority and being safe on block, has an internal recharge timer that makes it so the move can't be used again for a small period of time, which means that not only does it have to be used effectively to make the most out of a current combo, it leaves Koishi open to punishment should the attack still be recharging.

Koishi has a very rudimentary custom A.I. that doesn't take advantage of the character's full moveset or try to chain more than a couple of attacks together, as the only Special it tends to use is Catch & Rose, while rarely using any of the character's Hypers at all. The A.I. will frequently use Koishi's dashes seemingly at random, usually ending the dashes at equally random intervals, though if an opponent does find themselves in close proximity to the character, the A.I. will usually attempt to throw the opponent or use one of Koishi's crouching Normals if it has a Catch & Rose stored.







Hovering the mouse cursor over the Command Input icons will display text that refers to the inputs set in M.U.G.E.N's Key Config.

Icons encased in square brackets [ Button-D ] require the respective button(s) to be held down. Hovering the mouse cursor over the gap displays the hold duration if applicable.


Name Command Input Properties
Growing Pain QCF Button-xyz AirokProjSoftknockdown
Stores another version of this move which activates automatically after 3 seconds
Overwrites any currently stored Special move
RPKoishiS1 1 RPKoishiS1 4
Ground Aerial
RPKoishiS1 2 RPKoishiS1 5
Ground Aerial
RPKoishiS1 3 RPKoishiS1 6
Ground Aerial
Name Command Input Properties
Fidgety Snatcher DP Button-xyz MidStartupinvSoftknockdown
Stores another version of this move which activates automatically when opponent is above Koishi
Overwrites any currently stored Special move
RPKoishiS2 1
RPKoishiS2 2
RPKoishiS2 3
Name Command Input Properties
Unanswered Love RDP Button-xyz HighSoftknockdown
Stores another version of this move that automatically activates if Koishi and opponent are both grounded
Repeats automatically up to 8 times or until Koishi is hit, move makes contact, or opponent becomes airborne
Overwrites any currently stored Special move
RPKoishiS3 1
RPKoishiS3 2
RPKoishiS3 3
Name Command Input Properties
Catch & Rose HCB Button-xyz NoDmg*Hardwallbounce
Initial activation stores the move, which then automatically activates if Koishi hits opponent with another attack
Can be activated manually by repeating input
Overwrites any currently stored Special move
Manual (X)Button-x version: CommandGrab, Unblockable
Manual (Y)Button-y, Manual (Z)Button-z and automatic versions: Mid
RPKoishiS4 1
RPKoishiS4 2
RPKoishiS4 3


Name Command Input Properties
Supression "Super-ego" QCB QCB Button-xyz MidStartupinvHardknockdown
Pulls opponent towards user
Uses 1000 Power
Name Command Input Properties
Instinct "Release of the Id" QCF QCF Button-xyz AirokProjHardknockdown
Uses 1000 Power
Name Command Input Properties
Dream Sign "Ancestors are Watching You" QCF QCF Button-xyz3 / (C)Button-c ProjTrackingHardknockdown
Only usable if respective spellcard is selected prior to match
Uses 3000 Power*
Uses 0 Power*
RPKoishiH3 1 RPKoishiH3 2 RPKoishiH3 3
First use Second use Third use
Name Command Input Properties
Brambly Rose Garden QCB QCB Button-xyz3 / (C)Button-c UnblockableHardknockdown
Only usable if respective spellcard is selected prior to match
Uses 3000 Power

Palette Gallery

1,1 1,2 (Satori Komeiji's colours) 1,3 (Utsuho Reiuji's colours)
1,4 (Flandre Scarlet's colours) 1,5 (Hata no Kokoro's colours) 1,6
1,7 (Hong Meiling's colours) 1,8 (Mamizou Futatsuiwa's colours) 1,9 (Princess Peach's colours)
1,10 (Shiny Mega Gardevoir's colours) 1,11 (Shadow Mewtwo's colours) 1,12 (Michael Jackson's colours)
This character uses a Palette Selector that allows for more than 12 palettes to be chosen, and as such, only the first 12 are shown here. For a full list of palettes, see Alternative palettes.

Victory quotes


It's better if you fight more by your instincts.
Huh~? That's disappointing.
Everyone had an invisible friend that the adults can't see, right? Uhuhu.
Hello, hello! Right now, I've just beaten you.
Right now, I'm on top of your back.
Reading people's minds only make you depressed and there's nothing good about it.


Let's help myself to some donation money.
vs. Reimu Hakurei
Even if I go to the shrine, no one will notice me.
vs. Reimu Hakurei
Shall we exchange your hat with mine?
vs. Marisa Kirisame
Your hat looks really heavy. What'cha got in there?
vs. Marisa Kirisame
Oh, what a perfect time to find a shrine maiden. Do you know where the god of your shrine went?
vs. Sanae Kochiya
Oh, are you one of the gods of the mountain? Can I ask you something?
vs. Sanae Kochiya
I wanna try Buddhism too~ How should I do it?
vs. Byakuren Hijiri
Do you still have that vehicle? Lemme ride it!
vs. Byakuren Hijiri
You say that move kills but you know everyone dies, right?
vs. Lie Meiling
Can that move let me visit home?
vs. Lie Meiling
Kitty! Let me pull your tail!
vs. Chen
Nyaaaaan! Hisssssssssssss....
vs. Chen



  • Koishi's walking back animation is a reference to both the "Moonwalk", which was popularized by Michael Jackson, as well as the music video for Smooth Criminal, where Jackson assumes a similar pose to Koishi.
  • Koishi's second victory quote against Lie Meiling is a reference to the Raging Demon's association with hell, with Koishi herself being a resident of Former Hell.
  • Unused Spellcard text graphics exist within Koishi's sprites file depicting a Hyper with the name of "DNA's Flaw", located at 20003,4 and 20013,4 for P1 and P2, respectively.
  • Koishi's 19th palette being based on Joseph Joestar's colors is an allusion to Catch and Rose's likeness to the latter's stand, Hermit Purple.
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