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Knuckles the Echidna
Knuckles Forces
Artwork from Sonic Forces



Oldest version


Newest version

The 14th Doctor & Tiniest Turtles' version (2017)


Sonic the Hedgehog

Knuckles The Echidna is a red anthropomorphic echidna from the Sonic the Hedgehog series, who is both physically powerful and highly resilient.

Knuckles' name is derived from the four knuckles, two on each hand, which are actually sharp spikes. His dominant trait is his strength and that can be used to dig. He can also glide by trapping air under his dreadlocks, climb up walls with ease and is very skilled at a wide variety of martial art forms.

In M.U.G.E.N, Knuckles has been made by various creators.

MUGENHunter's first version


MUGENHunter's first take on the red skinned echidna makes him out to be a slow and rather limited character in terms of comboability and how fast his attacks are, but don't let that fool anyone, his attacks can hit quite hard and is a bit more resilient this time around.


MUGENHunter's second versionEditiconSeizureicon


Like MUGENHunter's other characters, MUGENHunter's Knuckles uses custom sprites and The King of Fighters-styled gameplay. He appears to be more defensive than MUGENHunter's other characters. His comboability is limited, but his Hypers hit very hard.


Veanko's version


While this version of Knuckles may appear to be a simple edit of MUGENHunter's second version on the surface, he is actually quite different from the original version in many different ways; with a charge attack, EX Moves and an expanded moveset, this Knuckles shows that he is surely tougher than leather, using three attack buttons for most of his attacks and the other buttons for shortcuts or a knockdown attack.


Tanicfan22's version


They say that unlike Sonic, Knuckles doesn't chuckle and would rather flex his muscles. Though, looking at this Knucklehead's poor collision boxes and moveset, a player may chuckle at this Knuckles' ability to not even flex a single muscle due to it being a spriteswap of MUGENHunter's first version.


The 14th Doctor & Tiniest Turtles' version


Being faithful to his boss fight from Sonic Adventure, this version of Knuckles comes pack with a very small amount of moves as well as being able to only take just a few amount of hits until death, what makes up for that is a stronger damage output. Just don't forget about the glorious amounts of oh no's and singing this Knuckles can do.

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