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There are versions of this character available that don't have their own branch articles!
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King Lion
Artwork from Neo Geo Battle Coliseum



Oldest version

FlowrαLliα's version (2015)

Newest version

FlowrαLliα's version (2015)


Savage Reign

King Lion (real name Jack Abbot, known in Japanese as Shishioh) is a character from the Savage Reign series of fighting games who also appeared as a hidden character in Neo Geo Battle Coliseum.

Abbot impersonates King Leo, the ruler of Jipang, at the latter's own orders and enters the Battle of the Beast God tournament with the name of "King Lion" to intimidate his foes. King Lion is mostly known as a paletteswap of the original King Leo, replacing all instances of red and gold of the latter with purple and silver; he subsequently has gameplay extremely similar to King Leo in all his appearances, only with toned down attacks.

In M.U.G.E.N, King Lion has been made by various creators.

FlowrαLliα's version


This hi-res version of King Lion has The King of Fighters XIII-style gameplay, including EX versions of all Special Moves and Hyper Moves, as well as the use of the Hyper Drive Meter; however, it also has unfair advantage with opponent-only stun and shield-break mechanics, which can make King Lion quite a challenge.


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