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This subpage contains any edits of DE@TH by SP0ON's version of King Leonidas. What is listed here is limited to what the edits change, meaning information should not be duplicated from the article about the original version outside of the idle animation and portrait, even if they haven't changed.

Super Nicholas' edit

Leonidas (300guy)
Character portrait


Super Nicholas






This edit repositions the character's button layout, changing it to use the Button-xyz buttons. His attack animations have been made faster, but his comboability is still limited. The hit and guard animations have hitboxes added to them. The attacks that have a directional input now use up Power, but they are still atrributed as Normals. Some other fixes were made to the character's animations.


Unchanged from original version.


Unchanged from original version.

Palette Gallery

Unchanged from original version.

Victory quotes

Unchanged from original version.

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