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Killer Whale
Artwork from Metal Slug 2


N64 Mario


N-Mario's MUGEN Creations


Metal Slug X

The Killer Whale, Also known as Orca is a character from Metal Slug 2 and its enhanced re-release Metal Slug X. He is classed as both a joke character and a bonus character due to his unique battling style. There also currently two versions of the Killer Whale both made by N64Mario. The first version was originally a April Fools character being a one hit kill character. However, due to the popularity of the character a second version was made, improving the overall look and making his battle style less cheap.


When battling against the Killer Whale, one noticeable thing that happens to the stage is you will see a strip of water. This water acts as the floor of the stage and where Killer Whale will attack. The Killer Whale in both versions are always located underneath the water meaning the only way the character can attack the Killer Whale is to hit him as he attempts to attack the player.

Original version

The original version of the Killer Whale was set to be a April Fools joke character made by the creator. In this version, the Killer Whale was cheap as the player had no idea where Killer Whale was going to attack and his attacks were always OHK. Although he is defeatable, the main challenge is figuring out when he is going to attack.

Updated version

Due to the popularity of the character, N64 Mario decided to make the character less cheap and more like a bonus character battle. The first main change is that the player going against the Killer Whale will now be standing on the same wooden raft used in P.O.T.S. Kraken character which moves with the player. The next big improvements to the Killer Whale now include a tracking symbol, which tells the player where the Killer Whale is allowing the player to easily avoid the player near his attacks, the other edit is to his attacks.

Killer Whale has only two ways off attacking, he can either attack by shooting out of the water to bite the player where he is currently standing or use a homing attack which we will lock onto the player and then attack. In the updated version of Killer Whale, instead of these attacks dealing a OHK, they will instead deal a massive amount of damage and then spit them out again to their raft, a normal MUGEN fighter will now be able to resist around 3-4 attacks by Killer Whale before being eaten by the character.


Name Command Input Properties
General Attack Button-xyz
Name Command Input Properties
Homing Attack Button-abc Tracking


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