Khan (JJBA)
Khan image
Portrait from Jojo's Bizarre Adventure: Heritage for the Future


Bad Darkness

Oldest version

Bad Darkness' version (2004)

Newest version

Bad Darkness' version (2004)


Jojo's Bizarre Adventure

Khan is a minor character from JoJo's Bizarre Adventure, appearing in Part 3: Stardust Crusaders.

Khan is a somewhat dim-witted and menacing looking barber who ended up getting possessed by the rogue stand Anubis, which manifested as a blade with a will of its' own, and is one of the three characters to be possessed by it, the others being Chaca and (Black) Polnareff. Unlike the other two, Khan was a secret character in JoJo's Bizarre Adventure: Heritage for the Future, and had to be unlocked before being able to be played.

In M.U.G.E.N, Khan has been made once by Bad Darkness.

Bad Darkness' version

Khan gif

Despite being the only conversion from the source game, this version of Khan plays rather faithfully, containing all of the mechanics from Jojo's Bizarre Adventure: Heritage for the Future. Many rushdown character fans will appreciate the character's ability to recklessly slash away at the opponent, even if it doesn't have too many moves.

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