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Ken Masters
Artwork from Super Street Fighter IV: Arcade Edition




LimitedMoon's Version (MvC) Blood riot iori's Version (SF3) G.D.T's version (SSF2T)
N64Mario's version (SFA3)
GM's version (SF3)
Jessica Smoke's version (SFM)
Warusaki3's version (CvS)
Nyko's version (SvC)
Darkcipherlucius's version (MvC)
Shin Striker and Bacteria's version
Jmorphman's version
Falchion22's version (SF1)
SNK vs Capcom 2 voice (only for SF3 GM's version


Street Fighter

Ken Masters is one of the main characters of the Street Fighter series, and one of the two playable characters in the original Street Fighter (in which he was a Ryu clone for use by the second player). He was made into his own character in Street Fighter II, and has recieved great improvements since then, gradually became more distinct from Ryu. Ken's fighting style is still very similar to Ryu's, but with major differences. One of these is while Ryu specializes in the Hadoken move, Ken specializes in the Shoryuken move.

Ken Masters is a friend and rival of Ryu, both being disciples of Gouken. Ken became rich after winning various fighting tournaments in USA, eventually marrying with Eliza Masters (Guile's sister) and having a son. He later decides to teach martial arts to his son, also becoming a teacher to Sean Matsuda, who is his son's closest friend.

In M.U.G.E.N, Ken Masters was made by various authors.

N64Mario's KenEdit


This version of Ken is based off of his appearance in Street Fighter II: Champion Edition on the CPS-1 arcade system. He plays exactly like himself in the game, but uses sprites from Street Fighter Alpha instead of the ones found in the game. Since this version of Ken plays exactly like he does in Street Fighter II: Champion Edition, he does not have any hypers, but only specials. He is a 6-button character with a fair AI, and was made exclusively for M.U.G.E.N 1.0.

Stats Edit

  • Life: 1000
  • Power: 1000
  • Attack: 100
  • Defence: 100


Hovering the mouse cursor over the icons will display a more direct activation method akin to how the move activations are coded; this is what the following key/legend represents.


D = Down

F = Right

B = Left

U = Up

DF = Down-right

DB = Down-left

UF = Up-right

UB = Up-left

a/b/c = Kick

x/y/z = Punch

s = Taunt

Icons encased in square brackets [ Button-D ] mean for the respective button(s) to be held down.


Name Command Input Properties
Hadoken QCFButton-Punch Proj


Name Command Input Properties
Shoryuken DPButton-Punch


Name Command Input Properties
Hurricane Kick QCBButton-Kick


Pallette GalleryEdit

GM's KenEdit


This version of Ken is based of Street Fighter 3: Third Strike. He plays exactly like in the game, including the Fire Shoryuken. Like others GM's Street Fighter characters, you can select one of his Super Arts, or use then all at the same time. Its available for WINMugen and MUGEN 1.0.

Stats Edit

  • Life: 1000
  • Power: 2560
  • Attack: 87
  • Defence: 100

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