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AxKing & Flammableking

Oldest version

AxKing & Flammableking's version (2013)

Newest version

AxKing & Flammableking's version (2013)



Kegan Krushmann is an original character thought up by Flammableking to be featured in his full game, Demolition Crew.

Kegan is a very muscular, yet very short man with giant eyeballs. Testosterone courses throughout Kegan's veins, to the point where he has no nipples. He has a very deep voice that can only let out roars, growls and snarls. Despite the fact that he appears to have no head, he does have one; it's just incredibly small. He was cursed for his arrogance, shrinking his head, save his eyeballs which were both expanded to the size of his original head. The pupils be used to look behind him, effectively giving him eyes in the back of his head. Said eyeballs fill with blood when he is enraged, and can fire dangerous, acidic blood. He is the champion of a sport known as the Blast-Off Tournament, which requires participants to wear special gloves that Kegan is allowed to keep, they contain highly compressed air that is used to launch opponents.

In M.U.G.E.N, Kegan has been made by AxKing & Flammableking.

AxKing & Flammableking's version


A bit of Flammableking's sprites here, a couple of infinites there, and it's all built upon Scruffydragon's DC vs Marvel template.


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