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Kefka Palazzo
Kefka as he appears in Dissidia: Final Fantasy




En's version
Smeagol14's version
General Leo's version


Final Fantasy

Kefka Palazzo is the primary antagonist of Final Fantasy VI. He also appears as a playable character on the chaos side in Dissidia: Final Fantasy and its prequel Dissidia 012: Final Fantasy.

Originally a military general for Gesthal's empire, Kefka was one of the first volunteers to undergo the experimental process of becoming a Magitek Knight, which would bestow on him the ability to use magic. While initially successful, the process was not yet perfected, which ultimately shattered Kefka's sanity, turning him into a maniacal, short-tempered, flamboyant, destructive, and cruel psychopath with no regard for human life or remorse for the atrocities he commits. During the events of Final Fantasy VI, Kefka acts as Emperor Gesthal's court mage, but betrays him by absorbing the power of the world's source of magic, the Warring Triad, and becomes a god.

In M.U.G.E.N, Kefka has been made by En, Smeagol14, and General Leo.

En's Kefka

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En's version of Kefka is a boss character, having him uncontrollable by the player. Like Omega and Shinryu, his strength is nerfed for MUGEN, but remained to have the same health as his game counterpart. Like in Final Fantasy VI, you get to fight 3 tiers before reaching him, they deal low-to-moderate damage but they have a attack that will kill the player instantly, making it hard to beat. Once reaching Kefka, he isn't as hard as he is in Final Fantasy VI and that is where the true part of the battle is. If the player's character is killed, you will start at the tier you are killed at. He is not finish and is still considered to be a beta but he is playable and very hard to beat.

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