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JonTron reviewing a game



Oldest version

Weakfroggy's version (2014)

Newest version

Weakfroggy's version (2014)



Jonathan Jafari (better known by his internet alias JonTron) is a YouTube user and co-founder of the show Game Grumps.

Jon started his YouTube channel with a two-part review of the Nintendo 64 game Daikatana with the JonTron alias and posted videos to YouTube and his video-watching website Normal Boots. Since his Daikatana review, Jonathan kept improving and getting subscribers. In 2012, he and Arin Hanson (better known by his internet alias Egoraptor) started a Let's Play channel called Game Grumps. After a year, he retired from said show and was replaced with Danny Avidan (better known by his internet alias Danny Sexbang).

In M.U.G.E.N, JonTron was made by WeakFroggy and edited by aMAXproduction.

Weakfroggy's version


Jon doesn't have A.I. or good coding, but it is considered pretty swood.


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