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Johnny Bravo
Artwork of Johnny Bravo


Gontom (LOL)/McCready




Johnny Bravo

Johnny Bravo is the main protagonist of the animated Cartoon Network series of the same name.

Johnny likes to think of himself as a "ladies man", looking like and sharing traits with James Dean and Elvis Presley, though he's quite the opposite, constantly being rejected by women in occasionally over the top and humorous (yet painful) ways. Despite his muscles, Johnny is not violent nor confrontational, using them purely for show. His latest appearance was in the "remake" of a Super Smash Bros. clone, Cartoon Network Punch Time Explosion, although, he was only in the XL version of said game.

In M.U.G.E.N, Johnny Bravo was created by Gontom (LOL)/McCready.

Gontom (LOL)/McCready's VersionEdit


This Johnny is a minor edit to IMT's Strong Guy and still retains many of his moves which doesn't make him that bad of a character. He also has audio from the Johnny Bravo cartoon. When first put into M.U.G.E.N he is oversized so reducing his size in the files is recommended. This Johnny became a dropped project, so, he is likely to stay at this status.


  • Life = 1000
  • Power = 3000
  • Attack = 100
  • Defence = 100


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