Jenghis Carn
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T^T & Zamtong

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T^T & Zamtong's version

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T^T & Zamtong's version


World Heroes

Jenghis Carn (known as J. Carn for short, and Julius Carn in the first World Heroes game) is a playable character from the World Heroes series. He first appeared in the first World Heroes game and appeared in all the other games afterwards. A barbarian that eats, fights and conquers, Jenghis is the strongest of the Mongolian people. Clad in spiked gloves and armor, the only thing this warlord fears is strong women.

In M.U.G.E.N, Jenghis Carn was made once by T^T & Zamtong.

T^T & Zamtong's version


While still being fairly well made, this version of J Carn takes several liberties from the source, like using quarter circles as opposed to charge motions, chain combos, and an extra (but still inaccurate) mode.

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