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AxKing & Flammableking's version (2013)



Jatz is an original character created by Flammableking, set to be playable in his fullgame, Demolition Crew.

Jatz was once the mighty pirate, Captain James Jonathan Jackson, who sailed the seven seas. One day, while fighting with a rival pirate, known as Ashkuria of the Seahawk, he got a cannonball to the face and died, as his ship sank. A mere sixteen year old boy named Derrick came across the wreckage just as Jatz came back from the dead and swore vengeance on his murderer, with the cannonball stuck to his hand. Jatz is a pirate with a hot temper. Even the littlest of things could send him into a blind rage, which could even get physical. He trusts no one but the aforementioned Derrick, who he seems to legitimately care for. He has superhuman strength, Powerful nuclear plasma tucked away in his stomach, and intestines that he can use as a rope.

In M.U.G.E.N, Jatz has been created by the duo of AxKing and Flammableking.

AxKing & Flammableking's version


The sprites are drawn by Flammableking, the coding is done by Ax, and it uses the Marvel vs DC template.