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HOLD ON! This article contains information about a W.I.P. character or a pre-release beta. More info will be posted as soon as it comes to light.

Jake the Dog
Jake, from the TV series




Ivan Luiz's Version
Ivan Luiz's Second Version
FelixMario2011's edit
FelixMario2011's New Edit
Unknown Creator's Version
Dchan250's New Version
Jake V5 (Ivan Luiz's Edit)
Hiperhazz New Version
Awesomedude54's version
CyberAkumaTv's version
CyberAkumaTv's version (8-Bits)


Adventure Time

Jake the Dog, the second protagonist of Adventure Time, is a magical dog and Finn's constant companion, best friend, and brother by adoption. Jake has Stretchy Powers, which allows him to stretch and manipulate his body, coming in handy on a lot of occasions throughout his and Finn's adventures. He is the son of Joshua and Margaret. Jake has a brother named Jermaine. Jake is 28 in magical dog years, but he rarely acts maturely. He is probably 14, around Finn's age, in human years. Both he and his girlfriend, Lady Rainicorn, share a passion for playing the violin.

In M.U.G.E.N, he was first made by Ivan Luiz, both versions of which were shoddily made and horrible overall. FelixMario2011 then made several edits of improved quality and performance. After that many other versions of this character were made.

Ivan Luiz's Jake the Dog (V1 and V2)Edit

Jake Animation

Ivan Luiz made the first version of Jake in M.U.G.E.N. The character's condition was bad due to inconsistent hitboxes and its inability to move. Ivan Luiz made a new version which slightly improved upon the first version, although it was still a spriteswap of Poisonberry. Practically nobody uses these versions as of now.

FelixMario2011's Jake the Dog EditEdit

Jake Animation

FelixMario2011 edited Ivan Luiz's Jake twice. In these edits, Jake has fast-paced attacks similar to the speed of some of Most_Mysterious characters. He can also summon Finn as a striker.


JTD AssistJTD Finn Sword Attack

Button-HP - Assist Finn the Human


JTD Hyper Combo

Button-DButton-F Button-LP+Button-MP - Hyper Combo

JTD Finger Shot

Button-DButton-F Button-LK+Button-MK - Finger Shot

Dchan250 & Hiperhazz's Jake the DogEdit

Jake the Dog

With the help of Ivan Luiz, FelixMario2011, Madoldcrow1105, and Hiperhazz's recent Jake the Dog characters, Dchan250 recently made Jake the Dog for M.U.G.E.N. It is an edit of FelixMario2011's version with new sprites taken from Madoldcrow1105's Finn the Human, new hypers, and new sounds. Dchan250 says he will still update him occasionally. This Jake is considered high quality, and is the most downloaded Jake in M.U.G.E.N (the second most downloaded being FelixMario2011's edits). Hiperhazz is also currently helping out with Dchan250's Jake, but also created his own version before contributing to this version.

In terms of gameplay, most of his crouch and aerial attacks are the same as his normal attacks, likely because this version of Jake is in beta. However, this Jake has a cheap AI and is a combo-heavy character.


Giant Jake

Giant Jake - QCF Button-LK+Button-MK (1000 Power)

Wizard Jake

Ultimate Wizard Beam: One Hundred - Two Hundred Energy Beam - QCF Button-LP+Button-MP (1000 Power)

Ivan Luiz's Jake The Dog EditEdit

Jake stand

Ivan Luiz's recent version of Jake is an edit of Dchan250's Jake (which in turn is an edit of the Jake from Madoldcrow1105's Finn the Human character). This edit keeps the original maroon-colored outlines of Madoldcrow1105's Jake, but has an additional hyper attack called 'Sticks'.


Sticks - QCF Button-MP+Button-HP (uses 1000 power)


Giant Jake - QCF Button-LP+Button-MP (uses 1000 power)


Hiperhazz's Jake the DogEdit

Hiperhazz also worked on his own Jake the Dog character. Much like the majority of Jake characters, this one uses sprites from Madoldcrow1105's Finn the Human. It's first release was an edit of Madoldcrow's Princess Bubblegum -- this version, however, is now offline. Hiperhazz's new version has its own coding, is much less overpowered, and has Lady Rainicorn as a striker along with new special moves. The latest version of Jake also has a feature which maximizes his power until the end of the round, only activating when Jake's life falls below 250.  This feature makes him a boss-like character, also making him the cheapest of Jakes to fight against. In November '12, he was updated again (to the latest version?). This new update gave him the ability to "transform" mid-battle from his normal self to his zombie self (and vice versa). Jake's "zombie self" grants him an altered version of his specials as well as new hypers. Also, the November update allows him to start the battle in normal or zombie form by selecting one of his palettes (1-6 for normal form, 7-12 for zombie form). These new zombie-oriented features are only compatible with MUGEN 1.0. Hiperhazz's regular Jake comes with a Spanish voicepack by default, but there is also an English voicepack (also by hiperhazz) that can be downloaded here.

It is also worth noting that Jake transforms back into his normal self from zombie mode in the second round if the player selected from palettes 7-12. He can also put players in an infinite by spamming HK or spamming his Lady Rainicorn summon

  • Life: 1004
  • Power: 5000
  • Attack: 104
  • Defence: 104


Assist: Lady Rainicorn - Button-LK+Button-LP (250 power)

Jake talksRainicorn

Drill Jake - Button-MK+Button-HK (250 power)

Jake drill

Big Knife - Button-LK+Button-MK (250 power)

Big knife

Inner cut - Button-LK+Button-HK (250 power)

Inner cut

Drill Jake (zombie form) - Button-MK+Button-HK (250 power)

Zombie drill


Giga Jake Lv 1 - Button-DButton-B Button-LK (1000 power)

Jake 221

Jake Loses Control Lv 1 - Button-DButton-B Button-MK (1000 power)

Jake 220

Jake Runs - Button-DButton-B Button-MP (3000 power and less than 1/2 life bar)

Jake corre

Jake the Snail (old version only) - Button-DButton-B Button-MP (3000 power and less than 1/2 life bar)

Jake 225

Giga Jake Lv 2 - Button-DButton-B Button-LP+Button-MP (2000 power and previous use of Jake Runs)

Jake 222

Jake Loses Control Lv 2 - Button-DButton-B Button-MP+Button-HP (2000 power and previous use of 'Jake Runs')

Jake lc

Ultimate Wizard: 777-Hit Energy Beam - Button-DButton-B Button-HK+Button-HP (5000 power and less than 1/5 life bar, 1/3 if 'Jake Runs' is used)

Jake wizard

Time Stop - Button-DButton-B Button-Start (2000 power, stops time limit)


Go Zombie - Button-DButton-B Button-HK+Button-HP (1000 power, this transforms jake into his zombie form)

Zombie jake

A.Z.C.A.L.C - Button-DButton-B Button-MK (1000 power, zombie variation for Jake Loses Control)

Gigadrill special

Zombie Rage - Button-DButton-B Button-LK (1000 power, a different kind of hyper)

Zombie rage

A zombie bites - Button-DButton-B Button-LP+Button-MP (1000 power.)

AZB, start

Multi Z hits - Button-DButton-B Button-MP+Button-HP ( 1000 power)

Multi hits

Electro beam - Button-DButton-F Button-MK+Button-MP (100 power)

Electro jake loop


A cure! - Button-DButton-B Button-HK+Button-MP (1000 power to return to normal form)

Finn antidote loopedNormal jake

Zombie end - Button-DButton-B Button-HK+Button-HP ( 5000 power and 1/5 of life left)

Zombie end

Jake the dog 8-Bit (CyberAkumaTv)Edit


This character is an update to the old version created by CyberAkumaTv. This version was up for 7 months. It had bugs, glitches, badly calculated sprites and the wrong sounds. Later on, the same creator launched a new version with very noticeable differences compared to the old version, such as less bugs, sprites that were better calculated, better animations, and different sounds, original coding and character with the original scale of the old version still exists. This character works in both WinMugen and MUGEN 1.0

  • Life: 1100
  • Power: 8000
  • Attack: 105
  • Defence: 105


Jakenormal8 SpecialObj

Jake Cheap - Button-DButton-FButton-B Button-LK


Jake Sword - Button-DButton-FButton-B Button-MK

Special1Jake Special1Obj

Jake Guitar - Button-DButton-FButton-B Button-HK



Messatsu Gou Hadou - Button-DDB Button-2xPunch(1000 power)


Tenma Gou Zankuu - Button-DDF Button-2xPunch(1000 power)


Shun Goku Satsu - Button-LPButton-LPButton-FButton-LKButton-HK (1000 power)


Aerial Shun Goku Satsu - Button-LPButton-LPButton-FButton-LKButton-HK (1000 power and in the air)


Celestial Laser - Button-DButton-FButton-BButton-FButton-B Button-LP+Button-LK (1000 power)


Vertical Laser - Button-DButton-FButton-BButton-FButton-B Button-LK+Button-MP (1000 power)


Super Celestial Laser - Button-DButton-FButton-BButton-FButton-B Button-LK+Button-MP (1000 power)


Super Jake Cheap - Button-DButton-FButton-B Button-HK+Button-LP (1000 power)


Super Armadegon - Button-DButton-FButton-B Button-LK+Button-HP (1000 power)


The Judgement Day - Button-DButton-FButton-B Button-MK+Button-HP (1000 power)


Insane Refrigeration - Button-DButton-FButton-B Button-LK+Button-MK (2000 power)


Random Jake Dead - Button-DButton-FButton-B Button-LK+Button-HK (2000 power)


Jake Chaos Celestial - Button-DButton-FButton-B Button-LK+Button-MP (2000 power)


Jake Super Misil - Button-DButton-FButton-B Button-MK+Button-HK (2000 power)

Awesomedude54's Pocket Jake the DogEdit

Awesomedude54 recently made a Pocket Jake the Dog character. This Jake, as well as more recent versions, uses sprites from Madoldcrow1105's Finn the Human character. It also uses his .sff and .air files as well. Some of Pocket Jake's sprites are taken from Hiperhazz's vesrion, but his palettes (Madoldcrow1105's palettes) don't fit with Hiperhazz's sprites at all. In addition, he's a spriteswap of Felixmario2011's second edit, and since that edit lacks the additional state file for supers, trying to perform one with Pocket Jake will leave him looping his walking animation.

Recently, Awesomedude54 cancelled the character due to having difficulties in coding combos.


Main Article: Cyber-Jake


Another variation of Jake made by CyberAkumaTvChars, this version has part of Cyber Akuma's moveset, along with Jake's normal moveset.

Jake style Akuma (CyberAkumaTv's Version)Edit

Jake the Dog

This character appears to be a normal Jake, but its hypers are different, his attacks are similar to Cyber-Jake's attacks and are like Akuma's attacks, but more powerful. The AI is very difficult and will be a challenge to overcome. He is supposed to be the enemy of Cyber-Jake.

  • Life: 1100
  • Power: 8000
  • Attack: 105
  • Defence: 105



Messatsu Gou Shouryuu - Button-DDF Button-2xPunch (1000 power)


Messatsu Gou Hadou - Button-DDB Button-2xPunch (1000 power)


Tenma Gou Zankuu - Button-DDF Button-2xPunch (1000 power)


Shun Goku Satsu - Button-LPButton-LPButton-FButton-LKButton-HP (1000 power)


Aerial Shun Goku Satsu - Button-LPButton-LPButton-FButton-LKButton-HP (1000 power and in the air)


Ultimate Magic Beam - Button-DButton-FButton-BButton-FButton-B Button-LK+Button-MK (3000 power and 400 life)


Giant Jake - Button-DButton-FButton-BButton-F Button-LK+Button-HK (1000 power)


Hadou Jake Celestial - Button-UButton-FButton-BButton-FButton-B Button-MK+Button-MP (3000 power,350 life and in the air)


Zombie Bites - Button-LKButton-LKButton-FButton-LPButton-HP (2000 Power)

Armless JakeEdit

This is an edit of Jake which is almost complete (98%). Ironically, it's not armless.

Flash JakeEdit

GOD Jake

This Jake is a work-in-progress. The sprites come from the Cartoon Network flash game, Jake's Tough Break. The progress is at 44%.

Kyle108's VersionEdit

Kyle108's Version is going to be made for his Former Fight! screenpack.


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