Jailbot as he appears in Superjail!



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altoiddealer's version (2016)

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altoiddealer's version (2016)



Jailbot is a character from the Adult Swim cartoon Superjail!. He is a sentient robot created by the Warden to perform various roles at Superjail including defense and maintenance of the jail, as well as catering to the Warden's whims, regardless of how trivial they may be; he is also seen recapturing Jackknife at the beginning of almost every episode.

Jailbot is considered to be the Warden's finest creation and is credited with helping to build Superjail. He is capable of shapeshifting and has a seemingly unlimited array of weaponry and tools at his disposal that he uses to perform assigned tasks, though his sadistic personality usually results in the severe harm or death of the prisoners who get in his way; this does not mean he lacks emotion, however, as he is shown to care deeply about his creator.

In M.U.G.E.N, Jailbot has been made by altoiddealer. The main bulk of the character's sprites consist of a 3D model rendered as a 2D image, though certain elements such as his arms and weaponry were sprited by hand.

Altoiddealer's version


After three years in the making, Jailbot finally joins M.U.G.E.N with fully custom sprites, an array of palettes submitted by Mugen Guild users and plenty of references to Superjail!, including a vast arsenal of weapons at his disposal, both long- and close-ranged. Hovering above the ground enables Jailbot to avoid some sweeping attacks, but his inability to crouch prevents him from avoiding high attacks; he can still block low attacks, however.