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Fred's version (2003)

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Fred's version (2003)


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Jack Turner is a character from the Art of Fighting series. He first appeared in Art of Fighting where he was only playable in vs mode, but he got a fully playable appearance in Art of Fighting 2.

Jack Turner works for Mr. Big and is also the leader of his own gang, the Neo Black Cats. When Ryuhaku Todo was defeated by Ryo and Robert seeking Ryo's sister Yuri, he pointed them in the way of Jack's main hangout, Mac's Bar (Mac's Cafe in the Snes version). After the two fought and defeated Jack, he stated that his gang never hurts women or children and that he saw her in Chinatown. In the second game in the series, he is trying to get his gang back together. In his ending, his gang becomes an interpretive dance group. He has appeared in the King of Fighters games, but only in background cameos and never in a playable appearance.

In M.U.G.E.N, Jack Turner was created by Fred.

Fred's version


Fred's version uses sprites and gameplay from Art of Fighting, yet uses six buttons.

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