Iori Yagami
Artwork from The King of Fighters XIII




Infinite's Version
ihoo1836's Version
Zeldagis's version (KOF96~98)
Vans's version (KOF2002UM)
Ikaruga's version (KOF2002)
beppu's Version (KOFXI)
41's version (KOFXIII)
TightRiam's Version (KOF XIII)
Beppu's version (NGBC)
Jjong1917's version (SvC)
Anjel's version (CvS)


The King of Fighters

Iori Yagami is a character from the SNK Playmore's The King of Fighters video game series that first appeared in The King of Fighters '95 as the leader of the Rivals Team.

He is an iconic character of the series, and regularly appears on publicity material and merchandise. Iori is a central character to the series' plot, and the initial enemy and eventual rival of Kyo Kusanagi. He was created specifically to become Kyo's rival as his name and abilities were designed to relate him with the Yamata no Orochi legend. The designers ended up liking him so much that they take care how his character is developed along the series.

In M.U.G.E.N, Iori Yagami has been made by several M.U.G.E.N creators, of which the one commonly used is made by ihoo1836.

Huolisi's version


Based off The King of Fighters '95, this version of Iori seems to lean closer to the source, containing one Hyper and all of its Specials. However, its Power system works differently, with three bars to work with and the ability to fill it up with most attacks. It also can't move while dodging, making it one of the only characters to accurately replicate the dodging mechanics.


Ironmugen's version


Ironmugen's version of the heir of the Yagami clan is based off its first appearance in the King of Fighters series, King of Fighters '95. It seems to have most of the moves from said game, including an extra Hyper, but is also a beta. Its Power bar and dodge also seem to work differently.


NMOri Yagami

27-Nmori Yagami

This version of Iori was made by The_None under the alias "Adamlexus", which was programmed to be a joke character, complete with a rage meter which would gain upon being hit with any non grab; when the rage meter is filled, an automatic unblockable full-screen SDM would occur. NMOri also has cheap A.I. that is able to pull off an extremely long combo.

The character is very unstable in M.U.G.E.N 1.0. due to the fact that when NMOri Yagami is hit while in the air, M.U.G.E.N crashes. This character also has slightly sped up Master Fighter 3 jump physics similar to Viga.



"Iori Homer" by 67WRD

  • A joke version of Homer Simpson titled Iori Homer exists that uses the Iori cosplay sprites from Warner's version of Homer Simpson; ironically, Warner's version was originally going to have Iori's clothes and moveset.


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