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Beta 2 v20070121

InfinityCat (InfCat) is a clone of M.U.G.E.N with several changes like 4 vs 4, the possibility of developing other games (like projects), and the most user desired option: Netplay. Another advantage over the original engine is that it was developed for multiple platforms (Windows, Linux, OS / 2). However, the project was abandoned due to the hard configuration, incompatibility, its random crashing problems and the lack of source code of the M.U.G.E.N engine.

Setting up InfinityCat

  • Synchronize files between players:

Both players must have the same characters, stages, etc. because the engine does not detect this and may cause problems.

  • Configuring the system.def:

You must configure the IP of the opponent when it is "Host", so it's a good idea to talk on chat services like Hamachi when configuring the system.def code: = XXX.XXX.XXX.XXX IP address = 15333; port (ぬこ 耳 さん)

Change the IP XXX.XXX.XXX.XXX host for the opponent's one.

It is highly recommended to leave the port as is.

Once everything is set up,  proceed with these steps.

  • Select NETWORK mode from the menu.


Select Client or Host (if connecting to someone else, the user would be a client.)

If Host, wait for the client.


Character Conversion

To use characters in this version of M.U.G.E.N, they must be converted with StConv_Win32Release.exe included in the default folder.

The character must be placed in the char folder (as it normally would) then edit the file kfm_convert.bat with any text editor. It should look like this:

StConv_Win32Release.exe kfm kfm.bin > kfm.log copy kfm.bin chars\kfm


The kfm line should be changed with the character name so it looks like this:

StConv_Win32Release.exe "charname" "charname".bin > "charname".log copy "charname".bin chars\"charname"


Then save it and run it. It will create 2 files with the name of the character: .log & .bin. The log file can be deleted, but the .bin file must be in the character's folder.

Finally, the characters are added in the select.def as normal.

Stages are added in the same way they are in a normal M.U.G.E.N.


  • May have no sound (probabilities of sound while online are low.)
  • Characters require conversion.
  • Often suffers crashes, especially when playing Team mode or Survival.
  • Slow loading of characters.
  • Movements may be slow.
  • Configuration is difficult.