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Ikkaku Madarame
Artwork from the anime




BwdYeti's Ikkaku
Mario11766's Ikkaku
ssjsongoku's Ikkaku
Jerrydrizzt's Ikkaku



Ikkaku Madarame (斑目 一角, Madarame Ikkaku) is the 3rd Seat of the 11th Division in the Gotei 13. His captain is Kenpachi Zaraki.

In M.U.G.E.N, he has been made three times.

BwdYeti's Ikkaku


This version of Ikkaku is the best version in MUGEN. His gameplay plays exactly like from the Bleach Dark Souls game for DS. He can also go in his bankai state, but it is temporary.

Mario11766's Ikkaku (Bankai State)


This version of Ikkaku is in his Bankai state, but it is a Kung Fu Man spriteswap. This version is very cheap and can make massive combos just like BwdYeti's Ikkaku.

ssjsongoku's Ikkaku

This version of Ikkaku is almost like BwdYeti's Ikkaku, but this version can make attacks very quickly and hard to block. This version of Ikkaku can go into his Bankai state, but sometimes one Bankai special move can freeze up the fight causing you to quit the match.

Jerrydrizzt's Ikkaku

This version of Ikkaku is very decent and easy to use, almost has the same gameplay as BwdYeti's Ikkaku. This version has a more easier AI unlike the other Ikkaku versions and can also go into his Bankai state with full un-cut transformation scenes from the Bleach Dark Souls game. But unfortunately this Ikkaku is offline...

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